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Bash My Bench

Hi folks…
Here’s a videoclip of my bench press.
I wanted to go to a meet but unfortunatelly we were caught by a blizzard like beginning of winter so i pressed in a fitness studio.

Maxbe you guys could give me advice what to do better.

That’s 100kg. I weigh 65kg and I am 20 Years old. lifting for one year now.


(Just klick on the link, then klick on “free” wait for the countdown to end, type in the code and download the file.)

Thnk’s for the input, guys.

Edit: I think the link does not work properly with the firefox browser. If this happens use IE.

I couldn’t see the video; I could only hear the audio when I downloaded it.

It is showing that it’s a video file on my desktop though.

200 views and only one reply. Now that is not very much.

Looks like you could do more.

I think it looked fine, although you could still lift more weight pretty easily.

Were you wearing a bench shirt? If not, what’s the belt for?

Not the best angle but technicaly setup is OK and bar path looks about right. You have zero leg drive.



Not bad, but a couple things -

  1. WAY too much time at the top. Obviously it’s different when a judge has to say down, but if you’re maxing in a gym, assume you have a competent judge who will give you the command very quickly

  2. Agreed about the zero leg drive. Bring your feet in closer together and tuck them further behind you - this may mean having the tops of your toes on the floor. Check out some pics of Chinese benchers - they get rediculous arch that way. If you don’t want to go that extreme, still bring them closer together and push them firmly into the floor.

  3. Get steady on the bench. Really tighten your back before the handoff and keep it tight on the descent.

  4. Agreed that bar path looked good.

Also agreed that you have more in you - once you get more stable on the bench you’ll probably do 110 or 115.


I’ll agree with what’s been said, and say that it looked easy.

Another thing… you might try moving toward a closer grip as recommended by several of the authors on this site.


There is an article at Elitefts under Misc. titled " Step up, set up and bench" by Jesse Burdick who is a great powerlifter.

Maybe this article will give you some clues about leg drive. Unfortunately, I’m not able to view your videos. Good luck!!

Okay thank you guys. I knew that I can count on you T-people. :slight_smile:

Eating more is a little trickey. Maybe I should clean up my diet a little bit.
2pizas and a can of tuna or 800grams of pasta is not to rare just for dinner. But still I am skinny.

I used a bench shirt, an old, very loose Inzer HD.
It feels quite comfortable so i think it’s not very tight hehe.
I’ll try to use more leg drive, but I have to keep my feet on the floor (IPF). But still thank you for the tip. I’ll try to increase the drive.

But actually I think I have to do a little more than just increasing stability. I failed with 105 on the bar in the next attempt.

One problem was finding a suitable grip, because there were no rings o the bar. but at home in my gym I normally bench pinky on the ring.
Using a wider grip does not seem to be very good to my shoulders.

Gonna check out that article, thanks.
But before that I’m having breakfast hehe.

So again thank you for your help.

what is ur raw bench