Basement Gyms

I am sure this has been done before but if you work out at home post a pic of your gym.

I dont have any pics but I am starting to finally finish my basement so my gym will be expanding.

I am looking for ideas. I am thinkg half of the basement will be a lounge and the other half will be my gym.

The gym is already in the basement but is in an old bedroom. I plan on ripping out the wall and building a half wall.

I have been watching the shows about remolding on TLC and DIY, some of the guys on ther are pretty big. so I am getting motoviated to haha

You’re putting up a wall between your gym and lounge? Why can’t your lounge BE your gym?

adjustable bench=recliner.

Can I ask why you want to separate the gym and the lounge with a half wall?

I like they way it looks? there is a full wall there that is not needed, It will look bigger with half a wall.

The louge will basically be a tv, couch and my rower. The pool table and othe stuff is in a diffrent part of the basement.

Here’s mine…




That’s all for now (except a rower in the spare bedroom next to it). In need of some more plates and heavier dumbbells, though.

Oh, and my walls aren’t nekkid anymore - Biotest poster, EliteFTS poster, and a Jamie Eason calendar.

Picture isn’t the best but here’s mine.


I recently bought the cage/squat rack from a very weak friend of mine who couldn’t muster the necessary Testosterone to use it. Oh well, his loss my gain. Here it is from another angle. The only thing I would like to get now is a good dumbbell rack going from 20’s up to 100’s at least. I will keep my eye open for any good used deals. I am very fortunate in that I have a state of the art facility to use at work with a group of co-workers that lift and now this for me and my family at home.


Nice, D! I should get a heavy bag.

I recently sold my BowFlex and bought this for my basement, best money I ever spent! I need a few more things but this certainly gets the job done.

[quote]SBT wrote:
Nice, D! I should get a heavy bag.[/quote]

Thanks my friend, I need to get a DB selection like yours!


Here is another picture, I like the unfinished dungeon look, reminds me of working out in high school.


[quote]Dedicated wrote:
Picture isn’t the best but here’s mine.


That’s a cool reminder on the wall.

Mine is in this thread.