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Baseline Tests for Females


I am thinking about what baseline tests I should administer to an overweight but otherwise healthy female. The graded walking test is one, of course body fat percentage and circumference are important. Any others that should show improvement with a solid routine? By the way, does anyone have access to the table for a graded exercise test?


Some ideas:
-Flexibility, as judged by straight legged toe touch.

-Core strength, as judged by holding Plank position for time.

-Aerobic endurance, as judged by rate of perceived exertion during a quick-paced walk.

-Overall strength, as judged by 5-rep max on push press, leg press or squat, bench press, and pulldown or seated row. I find 5-rep maxes to be "safer" (mentally and physically) with inexperienced women, as well as helping them to adjust to the feel of using heavy weights.

The what for the who????