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Baseline Blood Panel


Not on any type of medication for over 6 months now.

Testosterone 465 250 - 1000 ng/dL Final
Sex Hormone Binding 18 11 - 78 nmol/L Final
Free Androgen Index 89.6 19.2 - 123.2 Final
Testosterone, Free 129.7 47.0 - 244.0 pg/mL Final
TSH 2.26 0.45 - 4.50 mIU/L
FSH 3.8
LH 2.5
Prolactin 8.0 2.0 - 18.0 ng/mL
Free T3 2.9 2.3 - 4.2 pg/mL
Free T4 1.04 0.7 - 1.5 ng/dL

Everything looks "noramal" to me. I know the testosterone could/should be higher but I am surprise with these results. I was only at 275 Total T just about a year ago.

Do you guys see anything I should be worried about??


TSH still high. fT3 and fT4 below mid-range. Did you do anything about your low iodine intake? What are your current oral body temperatures when you first wake up AND in mid-afternoon?

Your E2 seems to be low. SHBG is low, so less SHBG+T means less TT.

Fixing thyroid issues might improve your T levels.

But more to the point; how are you feeling and what negatives have resolved?
Do you feel cold easily?


I am still waiting on my E sensitive results.

Everything looks in range to me according to the charts but I know there are better scales to go off of. Why would you say my TSH is high?

I have a lot of low T symptoms
-Really bad anxiety
-always injured
-Little to no sex drive since I was like 22 (28 now)

Thyroid symptoms

  • Low body temp (around 95.5 as low as 94.7 in the morning)
  • Freezing cold feet. Even if I am warm my feet are frozen

Literally just bought some Iodized salt today. Any advice on how much I should use per day?

Thank you


Also just received my Estrogen test:

Estrogens, E1+E2, fractionated, S
Estrone, S 38 pg/mL 10-60

Estradiol, S 25 pg/mL 10-40


Please read the ‘thyroid basics’ sticky.
Please read the ‘advice for new guys’ sticky.

TSH should be nearer to 1.0
The thyroid lab ranges do not mean that in-range is optimal!
Thyroid lab ranges mislead doctors and everyone else.

T3, T4, fT3, fT4 are better mid range or a bit higher.

So you have never been using iodized salt?

If you are deeply iodine deficient, you can’t dig your way out of the hole with iodized salt or the amount of iodine in some vitamins.

You need high dose iodine.
You must have selenium, get multi vitamins that list iodine, selenium and other trace elements/minerals.

Focus on thyroid function.

  • Is your thyroid enlarged, sore, asymmetrical or lumpy?
  • Are your outer eyebrows sparse?

Given your low body temperature:

  • see if someone else can get 98.6 on that thermometer.
  • perhaps you also need to check for thyroid autoimmune antibodies.
  • rT3 might also be elevated
  • note that iodine deficiency can hit many in the same household !!!

Many if the symptoms of hypothyroidism are the same as hypogonadism and hypothyroidism also lowers T levels, so there are compound effects that feel like low T.


We did not use iodized salt before. I never add salt to my food. We are starting now.

My wifes temp on the same thermo was around 98.

What can we gather from a high TSH reading? Hypo or hyperthyroid?

Thank you ksman


TSH and your iodized salt point to iodine deficiency and you need iodine replenishment.

Long term iodine deficiency can lead to an enlarged thyroid, hypothyroidism, then lumps, then hypothyroidism and risk of cancer.

Mid afternoon, your wife should be 98.6, not “around 98”.

Your T levels may improve if you can fix thyroid function.

rT3 can be a factor if you get fT3 to mid-range and body temps are still low.