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Based on Symptoms and Bloodwork, Should I Be Replacing My Test?

Hi folks,

Below are my results for cholesterol and test. My cholesterol was said to be good and moving in the right direction. I was told my T levels were to be welcomed. I am 26, male and an athlete. I train consistently, eat extremely clean and appropriately. I can’t gain muscle mass or loss BF%. I am consistently tired and lack energy. My memory is spotty and my libido is low.

I was concerned that since one of my testes is dead, that all of these symptoms may be a result from my testes under-performing in test production. What are your thoughts? Would it be appropriate to replace my T levels at this amount.

These tests just aren’t enough to determine anything without measuring the Free T, the bioavailable portion of testosterone, the Total T is inactive and bound to SHBG. You probably need a referral to an endocrinologist that can properly evaluate you.

You need Free T, SHBG, LH, FSH and prolactin tested.

OK I will look into getting a referral thank you.