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Based on my Routine, Recent Drawbacks, Did I Plateau?

Based on my routine and goals am I overloading my CNS, is it too much volume for my goals, or did I plateau?

Height: 5’9
Weight: 180

My goal is to increase strength and hypertrophy. During my off days I do static and dynamic stretching, 1.5 run every other week, and shoulder and scapular preventative exercises that are also done every other wee on my off days. I also do foam rolling and lacrosse ball work.

Please keep in mind that certain movements I do singles to increase strength which you will see in my routine. The exercises that I am doing singles with are it least 90% of one rep max. However when I feel I can go up to weight, I will admit I have to exert myself even more pass 90% to grow accustom to the weight and eventually build a new 1rpm which my goal is to increase my strength overtime.

I would like to say that my diet is on point, organized and tracked, including supplementation but lately I have stalled on numbers and have plateaued. I noticed I have been regressing then progressing on certain lifts but I have a feeling that I could be doing more than needed based on my goals.

Sunday - OFF, Monday - OFF, Tuesday - Shoulders/Biceps, Wednesday - Legs, Thursday - Chest/Abs, Friday - Off, Satuday - Back/Triceps


  • Single DB Push OHP (Similar to a Circus Press) - (90-95% of 1rpm) (95lb DB) 8 x 1 (last set attempt 100lb DB)
  • Medial Delt Machine Flys 3x10-12 (95lbs)
  • Face Pulls 3x12-15
  • Scott Curls 3x8-10
  • Incline Hammer Spider Curls 3x10-12
  • Seated FAT GRIPZ pronated preacher curls 3x12-15

Wednesday: LEGS

  • Front Squat (ATG) 8x1 (90% 1rpm) (285lbs) Last 1 or 2 sets (295lbs)
  • RDL 3x5 (295)
  • Leg Press 3x10-12 (6 plates each side)
  • Lying Curls 2x15-20 (80lbs)
  • Leg Extensions 2x15-20 (70lbs)

Thursday: CHEST/ABS

  • Barbell Bench warm up to 90-95% 1rpm (295)
  • DB Press (110lbs DB’s) 4x5
  • Incline Hammer Strength Press 3x8-10
  • Decline DB Press 3x10-12 (35lb DB’s) (Stretch-Contract Focus)
  • Cable Flys 3x12-15
  • Ab Band Resisted Roller 4 sets
  • Knelling Paloff Press 3 sets
  • Decline Leg lifts 3 sets

Friday: OFF


  • Vertical Pull Warm Ups
  • DB Rows (Both hands) 4x5 (115)
  • T-Bar Rows 3x8-10 (2 45’s and a 25)
  • Hammer Strength High Rows 3x10-12
  • Underhand Cable Pull Downs 3x 12-15
  • Dips 5x1 (170lbs attached to dip belt) (95% 1rpm)
  • Hammer Extensions on machine - 4x8-10
  • High Pulley Overhead Extensions - 3x12-15

Sunday: OFF

Monday: OFF

I was thinking of toning the sets of singles to 5x1 instead as I am taxed from the begining of the workout but no exhausted. I have been doing this routine for several months with great success because of my diet and recovery days but now I am starting to stall and get tight in places so now I have to spend even more time with recovery but I am still able to get through but I am starting to think I am hitting my CNS too hard.

Does my workout routine have too much volume for my goals? I figured because of the amount of work I put in my training and dedicated 3 days for recovery and corrective training and stretching.

I am open to suggestions and changes to help keep a progressive tempo. I was thinking of changing my sets of singles to 5x1 instead but I feel like that not a form of progression when I am taking away…

I was thinking of trying the Thib’s routine for “natural lifters” where its low volume/high frequency but was worried I lose my strength gains. I may start that routine next week but keep my main lifts and ever so often do 90-95% or 1rpm to maintain strength. Unless you guys have other ideas to periodize his routine. I like it but curious to how should go about progressing in Thib’s routine. I am really into the powerbuiliding aspect of my training but wouldn’t mind taking a few steps back and focusing on hypertrophy but still want to maintain my strength levels.



Hello uf you want strength and hypertrophy why you not use the layer system its a great workout that give me great results

Do you mean the “Best damn workout”? Yeah you should give it a try, I (and others) gained strength on it. Also you old program was unbalanced, your triceps took an enormous beating for instance with 3x much volume than back or legs

Thanks for the reply. The program seems bodybuilding oriented how did you manage to increase strength and in what ways did you progress? Did you increase intensity and weight on the compound lifts?

It is, but still you can gain strength, and an increase in muscle means an increase in strength…
Well by feeling. It was easier with the big lifts, when 6 +2 +2 was done without that much trouble, I’d increase. Same for the isolation, if you can do it with proper form without bursting a vein, then increase… Really from week to week you’ll feel it if you can increase the weight or not thanks to the preparation sets just before. Worst case scenario the last rep might not be perfect, but then next week you’ll do it