Based on Feedback, Workout I've Designed. Critique?


Christian and some of the forum members were good enough to respond to a question I had a few weeks back regarding rest periods for hypertrophy. The question was from the perspective of being time-cruched.

The advice led me to revisit some of Christian’s articles. I have tried to use two of the articles primarily as the basis for my home workout program (‘The Best Damn Workout Plan for Natural Lifters’ and ‘The Gironda System’)if anyone gets time to comment/critique I’d greatly appreciate it.

Just for background, I’m 48, working out at home, busy with a family and two small businesses, so quite time poor. My goals are hypertrophy and fat loss.

The program I’ve constructed using the articles above is 6 days a week, Push/Pull split, using EMOM protocol. 4 worksets of each exercise following the warmup. The progression is to add one rep per set until all sets are at a pre-determined level and then add resistance. I’ve completed the first week and really enjoyed it. In fact I found it a nice change from the strength circuit style workout I had been doing.

Push Day 1
Rear Lunge
Press Up
Pull Day 1
Band Deadlift
Chin Up
KB B/O Row
Push Day 2
Chair Step Up
Band Horizontal Push
Pull Day 2
Pull Up
Straight Arm Pull Down
Push Day 3
Rear foot elevated
Floor Press
Pull Day 3
Trap Bar Band Deadlift
Neutral Grip Pull Up
Inverted Row

I finish with a few sets of direct arm work. In relation to time management, due to a number of injuries from activities over the years, I have a short warmup and cool down that I also have to do.