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what are some good exercises for baseball, for pitchers to increase speed??


Check out Paul Check’s latest article, intitled something like “Tornado Training”. As far as increasing your runing speed (if that’s what you ment) do a search on Coach Davies. However I should note the progression of training for a sport (as put by Ian King) the first 3-5 years are best spent working on the motor skills of the sport itself in conjunction with setting up a general strength protical for the body, after this initial learning phase (which some athletes never get out of) you can begin to very successfully incorporate sport specific training into you regimin. Simply put, if you’ve only pitched for a year or so, don’t compromise your learning process of baseball by spending 5 days a week in the gym.

First you should have great core strength. If not, you would want to improve that ASAP. Remember you’re an athlete, so you cant train like a body builder. Use a program where every 3-4 weeks your training to improve your different types of strengths. For better speed, you will want to improve your starting, explosive, and acceleration strengths. Drops your weight poundages to 50-70% of your max. Try to emphasize speed of movement. Be careful. Dont kill yourself or the only thing being pitched will be your obituary. Make sure you also work on deceleration or you will tear up your shoulder pretty good. steeeeeerike !

I don’t know for sure, but my best advice would be to break down the mechanics. You know, to see where does your power come from. I would say your shoulder (strength & flexability), midsection flexation (body rotation), and legs(when you push off the mound). You didn’t mention your level of experience. I’m assuming you’re still kinda young though. So… with that being said I would concentrate on pure pitching mechanics.

Go to Mel Siff’s Supertraining forum and ask. There are a bunch of baseball trainers over there who regularly debate the issue. Look through the archives and you will have hours worth of reading about baseball training discussions.