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Baseball Workouts

Good afternoon T-Nation, I am looking for some advice. I have 17 year old kid looking for some help… He was told if he can gain 15 pds. by next season (6 months away) he has a baseball scholarship waiting for him. I can pack the pounds on him with diet and workouts, however… I don’t want to take away his ability to play in the process. Any advice from the baseball community would be very much appreciated.


Core work. Have him do leg workouts for strength, and tons of ab work. All the power in baseball comes from the ass and stomach. Look at the size of the wheels on those pitchers! Or Bonds.

I am a father of 4 sons and competitive P/L’er and I have asked all the right people this very same question and learned a bit along the way myself…I have them do mainly speed work with a M/E day every 3 weeks…this includes both the squat and deadlift as well as bench…nothing too aggressive but a contrast to all the speedwork…

my 16 yr old can also close a #2 CoC gripper and he crushes the ball…include grip work and copious amounts of it…I also have them do quite a bit of shoulder rotation work with bands…be creative…throwing motions…lifting motions and pulling motions…some low…some medium and some high anchor points…experiment …lastly…Plyo jumps…my 14 yr old has made tremendous gains with jumps as he simply loves to do them and I can’t tell you how much more fluid he is exiting the box as well as far qwiker down the line