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Baseball Video Games


So I was at the bar the other night and it dawned on me. I have never played a baseball videogame. Anyone a fan? Any good suggestions on one to try out?




I had played baseball video games. It’s just as boring as watching. What a weird thing to be thinking at a bar.


I hear MLB The Show is the best baseball video game franchise right now. Exclusively on the PS3, I believe.


One of the best “Arcade” baseball game is The BIGS. The BIGS 2 came out not too long ago.

I also read reviews that The Show is a great baseball game, but never played. I played the first Bigs, and it is entertaining.


MVP used to be good, but MLB gave EA the finger and took away their license I believe.

Now it’s shitty and about college


this is still my favorite one.

Dusty Diamond All-Star Softball


the show is the best baseball game ive ever played. granted its still a baseball game and can only hold my attention for so long.