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Baseball Training

I realize that baseball training might not be your specialty, but I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of training you would recommend for preparation for the upcoming baseball season. Would you recommend using olympic lifts (such as the program in your book, which I hope to get this Christmas)? Also should I put a priority on lower body training compared to upper? What lifts would be best for developing rotational power?

Thanks in advance.

I suggest that you contact one of these two guys:

Alain Watier, who is my intern. He played baseball for the better part of his life and trains/coaches baseball players:


Of my friend Glen Rodrigue who also coaches and trains baseball players. He might not answer right away because he’s down in Arizona right now with Charles Poliquin.


Silent Impact,

Feel free to contact me through PM or email so that we could further develop your specific case.

The training that you should be doing during the off season is highly specific to your individual needs as an athlete! Obviously there are some exercises that correlate more to hitting/throwing, but to maximize your results many variables must be taken into consideration.


Glen, expect an e-mail very soon!