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Baseball Swing Training


Anyone ever tried the bat fan to help increase swing speed? Tried to do a search but couldn't find anything on it. Wondering if there is some science behind using wind resistence methods of training to increase bat speed. I assume this would be similar to a sprinter training with a parachute? Is this a method that you should cycle in-between heavy lifting cycles? Or would it be most beneficial to only use as a warmup tool right before your step up to the plate?


hey man i played professional baseball and i actually used one of those in high school and college.

For me, i used it in conjunction with an overspeed bat (same length as a regular bat but 10-12 ounces lighter) and for me it helped my bat speed substantiailly. You have to make sure, however, to cntinue to take live batting practice and make sure to swing your regular wood/ metal bat. I would usually do like 3 sets of 15- 20 with the fan bat, 4 sets of 15 with the light bat, and then 20 dry swing swith regular bat..Then of course Live bP and tee work,etc.

Hope that helped..


also, go to www.setpro.com, tons of products and info on this kind of training


I've used the golf fan to warmup, then hit some golf drives right after and it felt like I was swinging faster but without hitting on a launch monitor its impossible to validate. I read somewhere that the parachute can lengthen your stride and help you run faster but could mess up your form. Is there any scientific data either pro or con on using a bat fan or golf fan as far as along the same principles as using the chute for speed?

Common sense tells me if you swing a fan a few times, then swing and hit with a regular bat or golf club you will be swinging harder. Am I right here?


mmg, just checked it out thanks for the site.


in my own experience, it will only mess up your swing if your not practicing with your regular bat as well, and if you dont have good form to begin with, then i could see it messing up your swing even more. I was always able to generate more bathead speed after a few weeks of training in this way. so i think if you have a naturally good swing, it can only help.


I don't know about the fan bat but, I used to take wiffle ball batting practice in the off-season using a weighted bat. I think that helped.


Hey, played ball as well (college) and used the bat fan. I think it helped my swing. The resistance helps you to strengthen the muscles used in your swing, and can show your weakness as well (i.e. not using your lower body and hips). I only used it as a training technique. Never use it before the plate, it won't help you and you will look like a fool.

Looks like you got some other good info here, so I am just adding my experience. Usually took swings with it every day (not exclusively, though) in the off season. Just make sure you are not losing proper swing technique and repeating bad habits when swinging it. You may struggle at first, but remember that you are strengthening your existing swing. So don't worry if you feel like a wuss. I think they sell different sizes, so you can start with the smaller one and see how it works.


From what I have read here on this site it is bad to add weight to an athletic movement because it can screw up your muscle firing patterns.


Was using my bat fan thingy in my garage back in 96' when I took a swing & it went flyin' off the bat & hit the wall spraying peices everywhere! It was crazy but made me mad cause now it was broken.

It builds "strength" which will help with ones bat speed "if" you train for bat speed. You need to concentrate more on one than the other. You need to find that out for yourself.

To train for bat speed you need to have "strength" but you need to be explosive too! Use a bat ( fungo ) that is a few oz's lighter than your usual bat that you hit with.

You need to get on a program so you know what your doing. I'll pm you what the pros use since I'm a nice guy & enjoy helping others reach the next level.


Yep! You beat me to it! Lol. I spent all my graduating money from HS so I could get my hands on it! Great stuff!


Also good for building of strength is to get in the pool & swing the bat underwater. I got that from Greg Jefferies a long time ago! Anyone out there remember him??? He played for the Mets.

I do this with a tennis racquet too. Works well & it's fun.


Been looking into OU training(over/under). A lot of pro's have been using this type of training for a long time. Has anyone ever tried it or can relay some links for more research on how to develop a program using it?


That is assuming that he has perfect muscle firing patterns to begin with.
As he gets stronger (faster bat speed) the mechanics will also change. The mechanics of running at 10mph are not the same at 20mph. Hopefully his mechanics will change. That's why athletes train.



yeah man, I bought the procut weight on the knob of the bat, the fan bat, and the overspeed bat...I remember using these before my first pro season along with weight training and plyos.The results were unreal for me and helped me greatly with my career.


Do you swing these gadgets at air or do you actually hit something with them?