Baseball Specific Workout

What are some possible routines for a pitcher. I was referred here from setpro.

Little background info, I’m 14, 6’2, 198, and my mind, I could stand to lose some fat, gain some mass (although that is not the purpose of my workout regimen).

I’ve never been a gym rat, but I’m getting into the stages where I want to continue to compete/dominate.

Anything to help explosive movements, endurance, fat loss, and some moderate mass.

I knwo this is asking alot, but you guys know what you’re talking about, so I come to you for help.

Go to - and email Coach Davies or just look through this site. Definitely start there.

Like Patricia said, and stick with Davies, you won’t need anything baseball specific for at least a year. Other than that, eat according to John Berardi’s(sp?) Massive Eating protocol.

I myself am a baseball player and I compete at the division one level. You might not want to hear this but as a pitcher the one thing you must maintain is your flexibility. Don’t go trying to put on tons of mass because it is not necessary for your position. Look at Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux these are not big guys. As a pitcher your endurance is critical so get in the habit of running for distance 3+ miles a couple times per week. For legs focus on squats and deadlifts, don’t waste your time doing crap like extensions and leg presses. you are an athlete not a bodybuilder don’t forget this. In high school I wasted much time doing exercises that did nothing for an athlete. Also medicine ball exercises are GREAT for baseball players. Your midsection is very important for the rotation used in throwing a ball (I don’t mean a 6-pack that comes from diet, I mean a strong midsection). Go to the previous issues section an look for the most recent article by Paul Chek, he has some great medicine ball exersices. One more thing, when you see your friends or teamates working out don’t always follow what they are doing, many times they have no clue or they have received bad advice. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Not trying to be a smart ass or a knwo it all, but I am very well aware of all of the training methods, and falsities.

As well as the mechanical ones, etc. I was just looking for a complete workout that would help me develop more fast twitch fibers as a whole, then the explosiveness and whatnot I was asking about before.

I am thinking of Rosenboum’s (sp?) program ( simply because it’s for a pitcher, and he has some applied principles that i would like. Plus it’s personalized for my physique.

Just wondering my man, but what Div-1 school do you play for?

If your stats are true, than your a f##### behemoth at your age. Tex you are gonna want to cycle your training. Meaning, for 1 month focus on basic strength. Then move to functional strength. Then to sports specific stuff. As you approach your season, you want to do things that closely simulate your pitching motion. Dont try to get stronger during the season itself, you will probably be too sore and will want to focus on recovery. Make sure you do your rotator cuff exercises and be flexible. This is often overlooked. Learn about static and PNF stretching. They are different and must be done at different times for their benefits. Steeeeeeerike !!!

at your age, glute-ham raises, high rep squats (PLEASE don’t go heavy), chins, some kinda rows, dips, internal and external rotation work for your cuffs (again, DON’T GO HEAVY!), overhead presses, crunches and and lying “L” twists. do these 2x’s a week during the offseason and once a week during the season.

As a former pitcher I can tell you this, whatever lifting you do STAY FLEXIBLE! I went to school with a guy that could have gone pro. Junior year he hit the weights heavy and developed one hell of a physique. However, he didn’t pay much attention to his stretching and flexibility and lost his game.