baseball prices

I am a diehard Red Sox fan, and I went to opening day yesterday at Fenway. These prices are beyond rediculous. My ticket was a grandstand seat, face value 44, I paid 50. Large drink and chicken fingers, 11 dollars. Thats all I bought(besides a Yankees Suck shirt outside Fenway). Also, they sell 24 oz water for 4.50, 20 oz coke for 4.50.
what about other parks?

welcome to the club,brother!as a die-hard mets fan,i always went to the stadium.but,in recent years i have refused to go and watch them on sportschannel instead.why?because 2 hot dogs and 2 beers is almost 20 dollars.never mind the seats and the program.i understand your pain,but,its everywhere and yes yankees suck!

Getting boned in the ass by baseball owners and players with high salaries…Priceless.

Shiz-nit, is it costing that much to see the Sox in their 80-year-old stadium that hasn’t had a new Championship penant in almost that long? What are they thinking? I’ll be there this summer and want to catch some games, but that is outrageous.

Move to Texas. I have found that everything is cheaper here. I think yo can pay $5 for a 32 oz. souvenir cup coke. or maybe it is bigger. But everything is on the rise. Concessions especially. Tickets in Houston are pretty well priced as opposed to the rangers tickets. I dread the day when I actually have to pay for tickets.

steve, you’re kidding, i was up in bean town yesterday cuz i am from here and that’s not how prices used to be. you could sit in the bleachers(which is nosebleed but the most fun) for like 13 ducks and get beer for 2.50. shit you got ripped… that sucks dude!

I hate paying the prices, but I love fenway too much to not go. If anyone has not been there, go. It is a special place for any baseball fan. They have to charge so much cause the place doesn’t even hold 35,000 people.
Im getting season tickets next year.

I just heard that the most expensive place to see a game is at Fenway, followed by my hometown team the Cubbies…and I live about 4 blocks from Wrigley so I won’t ever have to pay for parking!

I pay 6 bucks for the cheap seats at Olympic Stadium and then sit in the VIP seats after the 3rd inning. Of course, I’m still seeing the Expos…best damn farm team in the majors.

Last time I went to a Blue Jays game it cost $35 Canadian for a few rows back from third base.

Steve, hit the nail right on the head! Tickets are so expensive b/c the park is so small! I saw something on the news about this. Your favorite team boasts the highest ave. ticket price in MLB! HA HA!! Let’s go Mets!!!

It’s painful to be a New England sports fan, eh? It’s that way at all the stadiums here. Red Sox and Bruins tickets are the most in their respective leagues. You don’t really think management wants to pay Manny, Johnny, Pedro, Tony, and Nomar’s big contracts, do you?I paid $3 for a bottle of water at a Celtics game last week (and they lost by 41-I should have sent Antoine Walker my bill!). At least we can find solace in the fact that the Pats are Super Bowl champ…