Baseball POLL

8 teams left…who do you want to win it all?

           *RED SOX*




Manny Ramariez and the Boston Red Soxs my freinds…




TWINS 87, 91, 2003 like to win it all in odd numbered years.


Red Sox nation, it IS the year to be here.

Red Sox over the Cubs in the Series, it’s gonna happen. Think of the ratings.

Gotta go wit da Giants!!!


Woods, Prior, Zambrano, and Clement = Nasty.

The Giants will win it, but i hope the red sox make it…and lose by a missed play again LOLOL

I like seeing all these Giants fans, but what are they thinking not making up that Mets game?? With that game they could get home field over Atlanta, but no, they don’t want to. What the hell, I think the Giants almost need home field to beat the braves.


Yankees…and I will be sure to bump this when the sox lose to the A’s

lets go marlins!

I don’t want sox vs cubs because I really dont want the world to end just yet…

Twins would be nice to see again, 91 was a long time ago and it would help them secure a much better tv contract so maybe they would afford to keep some of these good young players.