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Baseball Player... Drop the Overhead Movement from the HP Mass Program

I have about 6 weeks before baseball games start. I wanted to start the HP mass program but I’m a little worried about using something like a military press in it due to how much throwing I will be doing during this time. I know Eric Cressey believes baseball players shouldn’t do overhead lifts. Is there way I can take it out without messing up the program?

Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks

Same here, baseball practices just starting with season in about 6 weeks. I am on my
third 3 week cycle and my shoulders feel better than ever. Starting the upper days with
overhead presses, according to the program, is designed to protect your shoulders during the
other upper body presses. I have not had my usual shoulder pain since doing it this way
during flat bench, so I’m inclined to say it works.