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Baseball Player Considering Test-E


I'm curious about a first time cycle of Test-E to boost my baseball career. I have read a countless number of forums about Test-E cycles, and I feel I have a decent amount of knowledge on this topic, but not nearly enough to actually start a cycle confidently.

Some info on me: I am 21 years old, 6'3, 205lbs. I have been lifting regularly for the past 6 years (5x a week). I was playing D1 baseball, but recently transferred to a JUCO for the year to avoid NCAA transfer rules of sitting out a year by transferring D1 to D1. I know that many people recommend not using gear until at least 25 years old, unless you have your diet and lifting regiment completely in check, and if it is for athletic benefits.

I don't lift weights to look good, I workout for my sport, and I have a very good chance at being drafted after this season, so this is solely for athletics. Many of my teammates have done cycles before, but I am not the kind of guy to just jump on the bandwagon because some guys say it was safe for them. I joined this site to get honest responses from educated lifters/athletes.

My question is, what would yall recommend for a first time cycle of test-e for a college baseball player? I'm not interested in stacking, or going overboard with this. I just want a good plan with proper PCT/AI. The health and safety of my body is my main concern (along with acne breakouts).



No responses whatsoever? Approve, disapprove?






A-rod man! A-rod!


Please tell you don't take the hill. The last thing you need is throwing your mechanics off. I only taken Test Cyp. so I can't speak to the Test-e but I am sure there are guys here who can help with that. Get the blood work done, that will be what keeps you in range along with keeping an eye on your general health. Personally, I hope you get to the Bigs on your own, but I understand.

I am shocked your trainers at a D1 school have not given you shit about the lifting 5 days a week or is that just off season? By the way, I think the NCAA sucks. They need to get back to just protecting the players and cut the bullshit.


Thanks for the reply doublelung84. I do not pitch, so I should be alright with that. Yes, my lifting during the off-season is 5x a week. Once we go to in-season, I still go 5 days a week, but not hard. I do it so my daily routine stays the same, but without killing my muscles. I guess I will just stick with my whey protein and fish oil for now.


yeah, he is right, I plaued D-I ball and 2 years at AAA for the sox, but injury got me. You are right for working out in season, I could feel my power slipping when I quit lifting, going easy but still lifting is the right approach.

As to the E, it is great , and honestly I ran sustanon and winny in college, off season, but as a 33 yr old who has ran several cycles now, I say wait.

If you don't take my advice, be careful, run Adex .25mg eod and stay low on your dose, maybe just 400mg a week of the E.

Here is why I say no, just so you don't think I am just bein a hater.
1. I miss baseball everyday. I dream about it all the time. It hurts, so if you love the game, don't do anything that could cost you the game. If you start e you will want it again and again.

  1. There are plenty of things to do that boost metabolism and it won't test hot. You are probably still producing a lot of natural test, so a low easy boost from something that won't test hot is soooo much better for u


Just understand the severity of the choice you are making, the NCAA doesn't test half as much as the pros and after all this shit this year you will definitely without a doubt see way more testing from now on and test will test hot on a big league test

Nut up and bust your ass, eat a lot and take protein and a natty test booster... you can do it if you are as good as you say u r


rupe8, thanks for the advice! That is exactly the kind of answer response I was looking for. I appreciate it. I will continue to get after it in the weight room and take a look at some natural test. Thanks again.


Steve33 What does your 5 day training split look like in the offseason? I will be playing college baseball next year and I would like to see what works for you since you seem to be having success.


sam, i will give you a good routine based on your current size stats and position, you two may be completely different as far as position, stats, size etc. Kids are killin me right now I will be back later, start a thread with your stats size and lifts as well as position.


Thanks a lot rupe! I am definitely interested in getting an actual routine since I don't have one right now. I just have a couple questions:
Which forum should I post the thread in?
What is your experience in training/ writing routines for athletes and baseball players?


I dont have an exercise science degree or anything like that, but I have been working out since 9th grade when I saw the first pro scout at my High school game and i am 33 now. My job now still requires me to be in top shape. I am in charge of physical training for the younger guys on my "team" now.

I know baseball inside and out, and know what does and doesnt work for workouts, and understand that you asking some guy what his workout is because you need one when you don't know his body type or current strength level or position, means you need some help from someone who knows their shit.

You can list it in this forum, but if someone gets upset we just move it. Like I said before I need all your stats, ht, wt, bf% bench squat max and pos.

its too easy bro


Sam, I'm sure rupe will set you up with a good plan. My training plan was actually given to me by a place called Athletes Performance, which is one of the top training facilities in the nation. My plan consists of 4 total body days, and 1 regeneration/ rotator cuff day.

On the total body days, the primary lifts alternate from upper-lower body. Monday/Thursday primarily explosive leg lifts, with medium/light upper body. Tuesday/Friday explosive core training and upper body, with plyometric lower body. Wednesday is the day where I will do all of my resistance band work, rotator cuff exercises, and extensive foam rolling.

That is how I set up my days in the weight room. As for speed and agility, I do all of that Wednesdays/Fridays at 6am. Just make sure, no matter how much you're lifting or running, you HAVE to continue to throw and hit every day. There is no point in being big and strong if you can't hit the ball squarely. Long Tee everyday. Get that swing smooth.

Don't forget flexibility! Foam roll for about 15 mins before lifting and hitting. This is HUGE.


@steve thanks a lot for the advice. I needed to hear that. especially the part about the foam rolling.

@rupe Ok, here is all the information you would need to write a program.
age:17 (class of 2014)
years of training: 3 (1.5 seriously)
height: 6'1"
weight: 180
bf: 11% (this isn't a guestimation. I actually got this checked on a BIA)
position: 1st and 3rd base
bench: 175x3 (have not maxed out since i do not have a training partner)
front squat 205x1
back squat 215x3 (again, no training partner)
deadlift 325x1

I have average speed (ran a 7.43 60 yard dash) and my strength is definitely my hitting. I am going to play college ball at the division 3 level next year and I am not on steroids, just to be clear hahahaha. You can put the routine on this forum and I'll start a log under "training logs" so nobody gets their panties in a bunch about it being in the wrong place. thanks a lot


try Plazma and MAG-10 before you take the plunge -massively increase recovery and work capacity. Ask some questions in the supplement advice forums


I will look for your thread in training log...and steve you hit it on the head, you have to swing, swing swing....and when you feel spent dont create bad habits, do pushups dips and forearm exercises.

as far as the strength start that traing log and I will hit you up there.

Yeah, you need to get the strength up, and offseason is the time to lift heavier. I will look for your thread. Best of luck to both of you and never quit trying to be the best, sports at that level is all about how good do you wanna be and how willing are you to work hard enough to get it