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Baseball MVP'S 2007


With most of the division races set and the playoffs looming, who are your MVP'S? As a Sox fan it hurts me to not say Mike Lowell but it has to be AROD in the American league. National league is still unsure, Prince Fielder has carried his team like no other but with them not playing in October....what are your picks?


Ryan Howard

Chipper Jones is having a stellar year - his stats are high in all the big categories.

And so are ARod's. Damn his no class character.


I'd go with Fielder, but I'm biased.


Howard isn't even the MVP on his own team, Jimmy Rollins has that on lock.

If the Rockies make it in I think that Halladay kid wins it, otherwise it'll be David Wright/Rollins, whichever team wins the east.


I like Fielder just because he wants to hit shots to shut his Dad up.


AL: A-Rod

NL: C'mon, we all know it's Barry Bonds. LOL just kidding, I'm actually glad he's getting booted out of Frisco, it's time for the team to rebuild with some younger, non-roided out players who can do what Barry did in his "clean" days., and not turn the stadium into a fucking circus with scandalous records.


The kid is bad ass. I hope he has a long lasting career like his dad had the potential for.


Why ARod? Pretty crappy hot corner man. The MVP should go to a slick fielder and hitter.


A-Rod will win the AL, no question. He should get at least 90% of the first place votes.

NL will come down to whichever team wins the East, but I would vote for Jimmy Rollins, even if the Mets win the East. I like the way he plays, always 100%. Ryan Howard is coming on as of late, but if he was consistent the whole year like he was last year when he won it, he would have won it this year.


You know nothing about baseball if you think ARod doesn't deserve the MVP. He will win in a landslide. His offensive numbers are insane, and remember, he's still the best fielding shortstop on his team. It's not his fault he's playing out of position.


Screw the MVP. If Pedroia doesn't win the AL Rookie of the Year, I'm burning something down.


You and me both brother, what a little stud he turned out to be. Looking at a possible two year reign of R.O.Y. in Boston with Ellsbury/Buchholz coming on next year. I had hopes for Beckett to get the Cy but after Thursday I think it might go to Sabathia.


Ryan Howard is on pace to strike out over 200 times this season. So no, he's not an MVP candidate.


Ellsbury is quickly becoming my second favorite player to watch. I have a man-crush on Youk. He's the guy you want by your side at a bar fight.

I have a feeling it will go to Sabathia as well. But you can't argue against Beckett. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


I remember reading on ESPN about how ridiculous A-Rods 50(hr's)-150(rbi)-140(runs scored) season actually is. It was something like, not counting players named Babe Ruth, only 3 or 4 times in history has it been done? His batting and OB percentages are pretty damn good too(.312/.420 respectively) On top of that, he's got a quality 24 stolen bases.

He really carried that team for some extended stretches of time.

It's too bad that the Tigers dropped off the planet in the final 2-3 weeks, that MVP voting would've been really close with Ordenez and Arod if the Tigers at least stayed in the Wild Card hunt.


I have a custom made shirt I wear to ballgames. It's white and on the front in red stitching it says "I'm gay for Big Papi". The back says "No Homo", an Opie and Anthony reference. I want to be gay for Ellsbury but it feels like robbing the cradle. On the other end of the spectrum, I am SO gay for Mike Lowell but you can't be gay for the Dad of the team.

Loved Youk's comment about Manny how would fit right into the 2 spot and try to get on base and play small ball. Wait, or was that Lowell who said that? Either way, hilarious.


Yeah Howard is not an MVP candidate but he is still having a good year. Not as good as last year but he has 45 home runs and OBP of about .400 that's not bad, especially with missing almost 20 games and being dinged up for a lot more.

I'd say Rollins is the MVP of the league, although the Phillies fan in me makes that a biased vote. He's played in every single game at shortstop and is outstanding in the field, he has over 700 at-bats (which is like top-10 all-time I think I heard somebody saying?) with about 30 home runs, 40 doubles, 20 triples, 40 stolen bases. In addition he's been the face of the team all year and a great leader.

Really though, that whole Phillies offense should be the MVP. Their pitching is god-awful, their two "big" free agent pitching signings, Garcia and Eaton, were total busts, they were using Jose Mesa and Antonio Alfonseca as closers at one pint this year but they just keep scoring runs. It looks like the Mets are cruising to the win today, so the Phillies need to come back against the Nats and stay one game up to make this thing happen.


So I think Rollins helped answer some questions today...


Barry Bonds*


If we where playing gay or funny that would be gay, not funny.