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Baseball & Good Times

About 3 years ago my brother-in law and I went to San Francisco to watch the Giants through down some 4-6-3, strike’em out, through’em out, long ball to the deepest part of the yard professional baseball. Not to mention the good food, good beer, and hot ladies pullin the “lets see just how much of my thong I can show off.”

Now dont get me wrong, I love to watch the whole show. What drives me crazzy is the people who pay good money to come to the ball park and get so fucked up they cant remember who won, or any other details of the day before.
With this in mind let me get to the paint of this thread. On the particular day mentioned above, we were unfortunate enough to have sets next to a group of guys who were parting so hard they were fuckin it up for everyone in the section. They were having a bachlor party. The man of honor was doing the “Frank The Tank” bit and I was just about to call it.

Just then my bro-inlaw who happens to be the funniest fucker I know says Ill fix these bitches. He stole their camera when no one was watching. I said, Kenny wtf are you doing. He said he was gunna go to the stalls and take pic of his dick while taking a piss! It gets better, the next 3 guys behind him did the same.

Now all I want is to one day hear a story about the guy who took his film in and had a lot off esplanning to do.