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Baseball - Favorite Team/Predictions


I'm still salty about losing to you guys in the '97 Series. An expansion team...damn!


Sigh... Nationals fan living in Florida. I'm going to watch every one of the 5 games I actually can see here!


Hey, who changed the subject line? I didn't ask any such thing about favorite teams or predictions.

Since it's up, though...

AL East - Blue Jays Ha, ha, I'm just hatin'. Really, Yankees.

AL Central. My boys from the south side White Sox. Sorry DollarBill44.

AL West - Oakland A's

AL Wildcard? Cleveland Indians. There ya' go DB!

NL? Yawn. It doesn't matter. Once again, my boys with lights out pitching and even more offense than last year will turn the lights out on October. That is, after everyone else has begged mercy. Tapped out. Gone home. Yes, I am saying repeat. Who has a better starting rotation? Who?