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Baseball - Favorite Team/Predictions


The season starts today. I'm looking forward to many discussions on this favorite team sport. Who else is a fan??


I'm a huge fan! The only problem is that I'm a Royals fan. lol Oh well. A fair-weather fan I am not, and one day we'll be good again.


I hate baseball since theier last strike. Never watch the thing anymore...I was a good player though...untill I lost my teeth trying to field a ground ball with my mouth....acually line drive bad hop into the mouth. I was staring it down and with perfect form though....


Happy Opening Day!!

I LOVE baseball and watch it almost every day during the season. When I was growing up my parents had a TV in the dining room so we'd never miss a Detroit Tiger's game. Now I'm a Padres fan.

Rockscar, I had a baseball injury too. I was playing out field and as I caught a fly ball, another player collided with me and we hit heads. I broke the bones on the side of my face and around my eye........ I held onto the ball though. :slightly_smiling:


Baseball fanatic! Been a fan of Atlanta for more than half my life, but live in and thus also root for Cincinnati. I really don't care what the calendar says, spring starts with Opening Day :slight_smile:


Nice! Unfortunatly, my ball went straigt into the air after it broke my upper jaw! I stayed concience though!


Well, it was probably hard to keep your eye on the ball with your teeth flying out.

I was knocked out cold for about 10 minutes. The worst part was when they took me hospital, and the x-ray tech working that day was my best friend. I'll never forget the look on her face when she saw what I looked like. We still laugh about it.


Durin2001, I feel for ya, being a Royals fan. When your owner decided to put up the cash for a decent team, then you'll have a fun season. Those AAA players your team fielded last year... well, they were babes in the woods!

Rockscar, I was in that same boat, not giving MLB my money or time for 1994, when my White Sox should have won it all. I came back in 2004, ten years later. Yes I do hold a grudge for a while.

My favorite injury was in a friends backyard, using a real baseball, pitching. Line drive right back at me, hit me right between the eyes, broke my glasses. I got in trouble. It fuckin' hurt, I was crying, and I got in trouble for breaking my glasses. Was called "girl" and "crybaby" for years after. We used tennis balls and raquetballs and whiffle balls after that. Home runs became much more the norm. Unfortunately, that's about the time we started breaking neighborhood windows. God that was fun!

Laurie, it sure doesn't seem that your accident did any permanent damage. The Padres? Hope you live in San Diego, 'cause otherwise... why?


I was lucky to have a great surgeon, so the scars are barely visible.

kroby, you aren't dissing on my Padres now, are you?!

Actually, I don't know what to expect with the mix of older players and rookies we have this year. Luckily we traded a few pitchers in the off season who now have major injuries. Now if we could just trade Klesko........


I'm probably the only S.F. Giants fan in the Philadelphia area. Too bad there's around a total of 5 Giants games a year that are televised here.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Barry does this year, assuming he actually stays healthy...


As one would guess, I am a Seattle Mariners fan. I live in the heart of Giant's and A's country so I don't get to see the M's on tv very often. Opening Day is the day that all of us fans get to believe that our team has a chance this year.


S.F. fan in P.A., how the hell did that happen? I myself catch hell for rooting for all Philly teams (not from TX, just stationed here)


Here we go Astros, here we go!

I can't wait to start spending my Sat afternoons drinking at the Juice.


I'm also a huge fan and I've been waiting for the season to start. I'm a Colorado Rockies fan so I can only hope they finish close to 500...


It would be sweet if the Pirates could NOT lose 100 games this year. I'm hoping for a nice 70 win season. 70 this year, .500 next year, World Series in 2008!!! Go Bucs!

Yes, you do have to be crazy to root for the Pirates.


Cincinnati Reds-1
St.Louis Cardinals-1A

I hope the Reds can win more than 80 and break 500, but probably closer to 70-75. They should score a lot of runs though.


I'm taking my boy to the " Juice Box", today.



As always, I will be watchin the Bravos. I can't wait to sit back, relax, and watch the Braves make it 15 in a row.


MARLINS fan all the way. Not too many of us though, lots of fair weather fans here in south Florida. Gonna have a better team than most people think, then again, we always do(Sports Illustrated ranked us #30). Opening day is one of the days I look forward to all year. Unfortunately we are opening up on the road this year, but I got my tix for next tuesday when we have our home opener. Haven't missed a home opener in about 8 years.


Cleveland Indians baby!

Going to the home opener next weekend against the Twins, should be a good time.

Not too concerned about the loss last night to the White Sox. It's a long season!

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