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Baseball and Lifting

Baseball season is coming up and our team is looking to win the NJ state championship…i’ve been going to the gym seeing results but i noticed something! i feel a little tightening in my shoulder (im a pitcher) when i work out my shoulders. im worried this will injuire my right shoulder and i dont want that and my coach definately does not want that either. can anyone offer any insight do baseball and weight lifting mix?

I pitched in college and can tell you what to do.

1)Do Jobes work 3-4x a week for 2-3 sets in the evening (after you throw)

2)Stretch thoroughly after workouts…your goal should be to get more flexible…and yes, it can be done.

3)Mix in training for higher reps and then lower reps as well…you need the bloodflow for connective tissue rebuilding but you also need fast-twitch muscle fiber recruitment or you’ll always throw 80.

4)Make sure to throw and hit and field as well. It’s okay to take an offseason where you mainly run sprints and lift, but you still have to TRAIN THE WAY YOU WANT TO GAIN.

That’s it in a nutshell…if you take it seriously, you should be able to get better and less injury-prone. Good luck.

No overhead pressing or barbell benching for overhead athletes. Add in more scap stability stuff.

Check out the article by Eric Cressey @ elitefts.com. I think it’s called pressing and the overhead athlete. Where in NJ do you play? I used to go to St. Joe’s

It’s a little late to start, I put on 15 pounds at the beginning of my offseason so I’m sure if you put together a program with compound lifts and ate right you should do fine. I’ll go into more detail tomorrow but right now I’m falling asleep.

st.joes of the palisades? i go to high tech