Baseball and Anxiety

I know Baseball might not be considered a strength sport. When I’m playing baseball I get extremely anxious. my anxiety gets so bad i feel like im going to shit or piss my pants. The thing is that I am one of the best players in the league and i have nothing to be anxious about. I know i dont have to use the restroom cuz i go right before the game. what the hell is wrong with me, and how do i fix it???

I can take anxiety meds, but they can make your digestive system worse.

If i drink a beer or 2 before the game I am usually okay… but i dont want to have to drink alcohol in order to play sports.

Um…sounds like you just can’t handle pressure or the presumed presence of pressure. I don’t really know what sort of advice to offer you. Maybe see a psychologist of a sports psychologist.

I’d say get some medication (maybe an SSRI like Zoloft) and continue to play baseball. The anxiety will go away, and you’ll slowly reprogram yourself into removing the association between baseball and that fight-or-flight response.