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Base of Thumb - Thenar Eminance Pain

The muscles that form the palm area of the thumb (Thenar eminance) on both of my hands are always sore and hurt a LOT whenever I do push ups or pressing exercises.

Any ideas for how to resolve this?

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
So they hurt when benching etc?

Do you maximally extend your wrists when benching or do you use a more neutral wrist position.

I ask because obviously pressups require maximal extension of the wrist - unless done on stands.

Basically I’m trying to isolate whether it is the pressure on the area or the fact that the wrist ligaments are in a maximally stretched position that is causing the pain. Or perhaps a combination of the two.


I believe I maximally extend the wrists. The back of my hand approaches 60-80 degrees to the fore arm.

I never thought of ligaments. The pain is all in the pad of muscle at the base of the thumb in the palm.