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Base Building Methodology


Hi Paul,

Just want to say I’m a big fan of all your work. The stuff you put out on LRB was really a wake up call.
I’m not a powerlifter just a regular dude trying to get stronger. Ive reached a 200kgx12 squat.
Training has been very basic - found a weight for press/squat/bench/dead that I could do for 5 reps sticking with it till I could get to 10 reps, adding weight and repeating. This got my lifts up fast but I feel worn down constantly going for rep prs.
Similar to you BBI model do you think something like this would work long term instead of always going for rep prs? I would take 75% of 1rm for 5x5 on squat for example and rep it till it becomes just stupid easy every session. Then do a rep pr with around 85% and re calculate 75% based on that.


Go back to 60% for the 5x5. I’m actually going to have an article out about CAT squats soon so just sit tight. :slight_smile: