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Bas Street Fight Instructional


i don't recall posting anything so i thought i would at least do it once in while. This video is seriously funny and very usefull.




That video was great! I laughed my tail off. Coolest part is, everything he said in that video would work.


That's great. I had only seen the partial clip posted before.



I got Bas's street fighting DVD when i ordered his big books of combat when they first came out ( the original binders ).Once you get past the comical nature of the first half of the dvd ,the techniques are only a fraction of what a huge toolbox MMA has to offer ( check out bas's big DVDS of combat....a single dvd of armbars for christ sake!!.lol )but they work and Bas knows his shit..simple,brutal,hard stuff....his muay thai and kyokushin and streetfighting background really show ,many pros...quinton jackson,couture and many others have sparred and rolled with bas and they all say the same thing...Bas is no joke and his MMA workout rules.


Bas is the man...hate to run in to him in a bar and piss him off.


The thing is that kind of stuff probably would work for Bas. Just not for us mere mortals.


Bas seems like he got a real mean streak. I like the part where he is smashing the guys head into the table while yellling at him. I want to go drinking with him, that would be fun.


Bas is the man no doubt although he did'nt have the chace to show it when he came fighting in the UFC and he even got a gift decision over Randleman even though Randleman was dry humping Bas for most of the fight.

I also read a few stories on the Underground forums that make you say, "gee i wish i could hang around with El Guapo, every evening out is an adventure. Hope his comeback fight against Kimo goes well, but i think he should not fight anymore.


From deep within the archives, a T-Nation interview with Bas. Hilarious, especially when he gets hit by a taxi after drinking with Don Frye.



" Don' Don' joo everrr doo diiis" as he is slamming the guys head into the table. Funny stuff.

Bas is a very entertaining individual.


Anyone ever hear of the story between Bas and Brian Urlacher?


Not yet.


Bas doing a SPOT ON tony "scarface" montana impression lol


Bas Vs. Drunken Monkey


That is pretty good!

My wife was making lunch in the other room and she thought it was Pacino.


dangida dangida dang! haha!


This guy is my new hero.


I would apply the subtle technique of throwing the bar stool at your opponent, then kicking him in the balls.

Bas is over with me.


WFA league, july 22nd i might go to that!


Theres a story about Bas destroying a toilet with his head (passed out & hit it) & flooding 3 stories of a hotel, while drinking with Andy Anderson in Russia. the hotel had to be evacuated, Bas woke up with a new toilet in his room & no idea what had happened. He slept through it all. Easily the funniest guy in MMA.