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Bas Rutten Power Punching Video Instruction

Found this video today and thought it was pretty awesome

My love of Bas is fairly obvious with my ownership of the Body Action System, but I think there is a lot of good in this. Always been a fan of the square stance, especially with a wrestling background. Feels more stable and powerful for me. The bit about a vertical fist allowing for straight elbows to sneak in through the guard was pretty awesome.

Thought you’d appreciate nerding out to this too @kdjohn


Great video! My dad actually burned this into dvd for me Back When I was in high school around 2010 along with some by Mark Kerr, Matt Hughes, and Jeff Monson. I was only wrestling at the time, but I got a lot out of these instructional videos!


Strong pedigree there with Kerr, Hughes and Monson when moving forward with wrestling. Cool that you got all that.

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Totally forgot to reply to this when I was on vacation.

A+ video. I love Bas. Some people can’t see beyond his apparent goofiness, but when you do he’s got plenty of informative nuggets.

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Absolutely. When you are that dangerous, you can be that goofy, haha.

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