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Bas Rutten "Body Action System" Initial Impressions

I shared on another part of the forum that I was buying a basic model of the Bas Rutten “Body Action System”, which is a self contained standing “heavy bag” built with the intention of allowing angular shots not typically possible on a heavy bag, like uppercuts and digging hooks.

It looks like this

It’s weighed down by sandbags. I’ve got 200lbs of sand in various bags on the stand, and then on top of that I stacked a 45lb weight vest and some ankle weights on top of it, just because I had the gear.

I took it for a trial run today

I’ll address the obvious: I learned how to fight by watching orangutans attack beehives. But my incompetence not withstanding, I was hitting this thing with full power shots after a significant break from heavy bag work. Typically, when I do that, my knuckles ache from being de-conditioned, but this thing’s design allows it to absorb the impact and dissipate it. It also creates weird angles to strike from, which forced me to actually aim my shots vs just throw wild leather at a bag. Especially so with the smaller surface areas.

The bottom pad is not intended for kicking, so my kicking it voided the warranty, but it’s primarily because you can’t actually commit to the kick by the design of the product. You can kick the head pad just fine, and the company will sell you extra arms to attach that allow full power kicks if that’s your game.

The sandbags DID shift a bit during my training on it, but part of me thinks I just need to figure out the best way to stack them. Even still, it was a very small complaint.

All in all, this is my favorite self contained striking tool. I have owned a wavemaster and a heavy bag with one of those all in one stands, and didn’t care for either. The wavemaster would get knocked down a lot, and the way most punching bag stands are designed give you little room for maneuver. I have drilled a heavy bag anchor before, but I don’t care to leave one hanging 24 hours a day, so it means having to set it up and take it down every session, which sucks. This, meanwhile, is very convenient, absorbs full power shots just fine, and has some great targeting areas to strike.

All in all, highly recommend if you’re in the market for one.

@twojarslave Tagging you because I know you were interested in one.


Well if you decide to take up a job as a local part-time backup dive bar bouncer and you need a reference, let me know and I’ll make sure they can reach me. I think you’ll find the BAS to be more than the equal of your typical dive bar denizen when it comes to the damage you actually take during the encounter.

I suppose I’m down to deciding if I’m going to have a heavy bag basement corner or a corner with the BAS that can do more besides store things to hit. Or just get the BAS with every option and leave it in the corner.

I just bought my kid a pricey but deserved hand-made (in the USA) rod and reel combo to help him fish his way through the pandemic. Don’t I deserve a similarly-priced combat training system in case I get into a fight or decide to start bouncing again?

I think we all deserve nice things.


At a massive 5’9, I feel my bouncing prospects are going to be more based around my charming personality and having the numbers “9” and “1” already dialed into my phone, but I very much appreciate the extension of the offer.

Having owned (and then re-sold/gave away) several heavybags, I’ll say that they always have the old school appeal to them, but they’re just a pain in the butt. It’s much better when someone ELSE has the heavy bag and you just show up and hit it. It’s kinda like a boat that way.

Also worth noting that the height on everything I have set up is adjustable, and quickly so, such that, should you decide to play nice and share, you can set up to accommodate various trainees. OR if you ever decide to see if you could head kick the Mountain, you can give that a try too.

They all come with a Bas Rutten workout too, which looks brutal. Not quite as fun as the self defense video, but you could do that too I suppose.

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Just as well that thing doesn’t hit back man.

Only joking. That said, I think it’s fine for tabata drills, 6 rounds would gas you out so it’s fine for conditioning work. My preference, given a choice, would be the bag but I hear you on it being a pain in the arse setting up each time.

I am curious what leads to that preference?

And trust me, what I lack in hand to eye coordination, speed, agility, technique and strategy, I make up for with unkillability, haha.

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Unkillability. Jeez.

You don’t look the type with whom to pick a fight.

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It’s just I’m a boring old fart who is used to a bag from being a kid. So I guess familiarity breeds contempt…for new unnecessary gimmicks when one is resistant to change. “If it isn’t broke…,” etc.

It’s useful though as said earlier.

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I totally get that. I still like hitting a bag. Will always have that old school cool to it.

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As an FYI the Bas Rutten striking command tapes are on Spotify if you want to run rounds on the Bas to commands by Bas…the way mother nature intended

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Thanks man. I got some workouts with the equipment. I have to get back in shape first, haha.

I agree that heavy bags are a pain in the butt. You may be interested in the bag stand I had built in my basement. It is a angle iron triangle type frame, independent from the basement ceiling. It is anchored into the concrete floor and any movement of the bag will not cause vibration upstairs. Here are some very poor quality photos, which will at least give you some ideal what I am talking about. I really like your Bas stand, thinking about buying one.

bag 2

bag 3


That’s a solid stand. One day, when I am not moving every few years, that may end up in my already ridiculous home gym. Definitely solves a lot of issues.

Definitely hit me up if you have any questions on the BAS. My new favorite toy now, haha.

That’s a gantry! You’d have to hit really really hard to damage that or cause vibration.

Wha-whats this? Body Action System is evolving!

Haven’t done a full workout on it, but I gave it some hard kicks and it took them well. About the only thing is that it’s a little close to the base, and there is always that fear of kicking it. I can angle the pads out more l, but then it’s more kicking up vs a leg kick. Still, I keep getting surprised by this product.

Can see it in action here. Started during the round where I threw some kicks, and then threw 5 hard kicks with either side at the end to really show it off

The product keeps impressing me. The focus mitts actually give resistance to the kicks, and will let you know if you mess up, as my instep is telling me, haha. It’s not a full on banana bag effect, but for drilling thai kicks, it answers the mail just fine, and it’s adjustable enough to drill inside and outside kicks.

The focus mitts are fully adjustable to a bunch of different heights, but I have them set for leg kicks here.

Nice bit of kit, I’d be interested to give one a try.

Looks more realistic than a heavy bag, and that can only be a good thing.

You mentioned it is moving around a bit on the base, despite the weight. I would say that is because you are a big guy, and you are pushing a bit rather than snapping with your punches. With time and practise, as technique comes back and you relax a bit more, that problem of it moving around will probably go away.

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Thanks for the comment dude. The product is really deceptive. On all the ads it looks like dudes are pulling punches, but it really just does such a good job of absorbing and deflecting impact that you can go full tilt into it and it just shrugs it off. And it’s definitely breaking me of a few bad habits I’ve developed on heavy bags, primarily punching straight forward rather than at a specific target.

Good observation on the pushing. Hadn’t considered that. I don’t have my range super comfortable either, and am definitively stuffing punches. So far I’ve done the meathead solution of just throwing more weight on it, and it seems to help, haha.