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Bas Body Action System


I was watching Ultimate Fighting last night and I saw a commercial for a new hitting tool called the Bas Body Action System. It looked interesting and it would be worth getting to supplement with my heavy bag. I'm in my mid 40's now and my joints need a break every now and then.

I thought it would be around $150, but damn, $429 for the one on the commercial is a little too much for me. It's pretty innovative though.


I hate Bas Rutten's guts. That thing is def not worth a dollar over 150 bucks. With a little ingenuity, you could make one yourself for much cheaper.


First of all, this is not that new, is has been around for a few years. Second, although I can see how this would be easier on the joints, I don't think I would ever buy this over a heavy bag. I have never used the BAS but I have seen it in a store. The main thing with it is that is you hit with any kind of power at all you have to seriously weigh it down. Also I just like the heavy bag better because you have to adjust distance more, move around it, change angles etc.


Bas didn't invent it. He probably doesn't use it. He just let some company put his name on it. Bas also sells some breathing apparatus that is supposed to mimic high altitude training (but it doesn't).


I am sorry to hear you say that. I think Bas is a great fighter and an awesome person. That being said I am a little surprised he markets that thing. To me it looks like a lot of the angles are totally wrong and just wont work. I never used one of course but just watching somebody hit on that thing it looks retarded.


I agree. But Bas is still an awesome dude and STILL the only celebrity type that's actually answered me on his Facebook page when I leave a comment hahaa.

He's really awesome.


Yup!! He is my favorite. Although Jessica Penne does comment back on my FB


BAS is a champ! But obviously the thing is a gimmick. He is obviously just making a buck $$ of his name (which he is perfectly entitled to do).

Couture has a similar workout gimmick machine iirc you attach to a door. I've never been to an Extreme Couture gym but i wont hold my breath expecting to find one there.


Now Kimbo is gonna have a real gas tank =)


He also came up with a Full body resistance suit.

(fuck, can anybody tell me how you can make the image show in the post and not the url?)


Looks like a super hero suit invented in the 80's
Love how the description for "Sports Used with MASS SUIT" says "Navy SEALs" at Number 22 lol

Target audience seems to be Crossfitt guys, they love this whole "Operator as fuck" shit


I've used on, its pretty sweet. Just not good for kicks.