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Barzloaded iPhone App

I got a new interesting I phone app, barzloaded. You dial in the pounds and it tells you in a picture plates needed on the bar. Example, 655 is 3 hundreds on a side with the bar and collars. It was app 99 cents. Useful for meets.

We just use 45s in my office, but it’s great to double check the bar weight at a meet.

I could use this. I’m like Forrest Gump when it comes to loading plates and figuring out the total weight.


this is free for 72 hours or so, a similar app that is usually like 10 bucks

seems pretty complicated, useful

Edit* Added the features in the program (as described in their website)

-EXERCISES & TIPS - Clearest, best quality
-WORKOUT BUILDER - drag & drop workouts
-TRACK - Strength/Cardio, History & Rep Max
-BODY STATS - Weight Tracker, Fit Calcs, more.
-GRAPHS - Exercise, Workout & Body Stats
-FITNESS PLANS - Multi-week, day-by-day
-NEXT Workout intelligence
-SHARE Workouts to friends
-MY PHOTOS tracks before & after changes
-SYNC - Advanced always-on backup
-MULTI-DEVICE - Sync data across iOS
-LOGS - Export, Edit & Share
-SOCIAL - Post progress to Facebook & Twitter
-TIMERS - Workout, Rest, Up, Down & Intervals
-VIDEO & AUDIO - Streaming coaching
-MAPMYFITNESS - Log Integration
-iOS 4 SUPPORT - Mutli-task, Background Sync
-APP SUPPORT - In-App Questions

I was actually thinking about something similar but more for a log book. Meaning an App to use in the gym to help me record my lifts.

Does anyone use an iPhone or Android app to help them log their lifts while doing their training or do you prefer the pen and logbook?

pen & paper

i don’t like getting sweaty hands all over my iphone (lame, but serious)

I use the old pen and paper also. This little app is useful only for the weight on the bar. Still cool though.

I use gymbuddy (iphone app) and I love it. You program your routine into it and can add or create exercises and super sets. During your workout you can reference your last workout or the last 5 workouts. It has a timer for 60,120,180 seconds.

Graphs your progress, calculates 1rm based on each set, has an interval timer. It was the best $3.99 I ever spent for the gym, I don’t think I would have made the same gains without being able to easily track my progress.

It would be more useful if it did pound loading to kilo plate conversions.