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Hey everybody,

I wll be posting a training log here, but more with videos. I will not film every workout but I plan to film exercises 2-3 times per week.

I train with a lot of variety, I do sprints, olympic lifting, Strength training, Bodyweight exercises and I will start with gymnastic rings as well. So it is basically crosstraining, but not crossfit. For example, I do weighted pull ups and such.

Some examples of my training:


Training 02/04/2015


Slow eccentric with pause




Bulgarian split squat

4x8x50kg each leg

Good mornings


Standing behind the neck press


Standing calve raises

3 sets small stance
3 sets wide stance

seated calve raises

3 sets

Video of the backsquats:


Today the gym was closed due to Easter.

Did some Gymnastic Rings with some friends. It was my second training of gymnastic rings. I did some warm up that included chin ups, dips and rows.

After that I did:

8 Series of 1 muscle up to approximately a 5 second L-Sit and then to a support position and finally went down slow.

(The muscle up is still dificult and I try to do it strict, I just need to keep my legs more together and it will look nicer. I decided to do 8 sets in order to do quite an amount of muscle ups, my goal was 10 but after 8 I was too tired already)

After that I did a superset of Tucked frontlevers for 5 secs to inverted hang with some inverted shrugs and then to back lever for 5 secs and then to german hang for 5 sec. I did this around 5 times.

Finally, I lifted around 30 times some kids ups to the rings so that they could play. It was a fun day and it was not too tiring, I hope to be soon doing 2-3 reps per series of muscle ups.

Here is my 5th serie on video:

Any tips on form or routines are more than welcome!


So the gym is still closed until Tuesday, Trained outside again.

Did some rings with a friend, then some box jumps and 3 human flag holds.

Superman on knees

4 sets

Ring fly’s

4 sets

Superset of the above two

3 sets

Archer push ups

4 sets

Pseudo planche push ups

4 sets

Superset of the above 2

2 sets

Box jumps

10 attempts didn’t go that well today and hurt my leg a little

Human flag holds

3 holds


Today some snatching, I do the full Snatch because it is a lot more physically challenging in my opinion. Catching a snatch deep is really hard work for the body, while catching a power snatch is fairly easy… I am still working on my snatch technique and this morning I was a bit slow as you can see, I will try to do it faster the next time, because I am unhappy with my speed. Also there were quite some missers today, with 6x6x60kg last week, I had 0 fails, but maybe this was because I could train in the evening. Let’s see if 67.5kg or 70kg will go better next week in the evening.

I did some warm up and then

6x6x65kg full snatch
3x10x50kg overhead
Some pulls

So the training did not go that well, but I am happy with my effort, I really put up a good fight with the bar today


Big fan of your style/approach to training. Will be following.


[quote]MikeFitz3 wrote:
Big fan of your style/approach to training. Will be following.[/quote]

Im glad that you like it Mike, I will be posting regularly!


Training today:

Clean & jerk up to 110kg (242.5 lbs) as can be seen in the video

Clean pulls




Some explosive push ups and bench press to get some speed for the bench

Close grip bench press paused

2x110kg (Went too much backwards with the last rep, so the spotter helped)

Superset: Triceps extensions and cable flyes

3 sets


This morning:


1x145kg (320 lbs)

2x3x80kg speedsquats, I was just experimenting a little bit with them to see whether I will implement them.
2x90kg klokov squat slow eccentric and pause
2x110kg klokov squat

So I think that I will do all of them but on separate days. Normal squats are great for power, speedsquats great for lowering faster and klokov squats are great for the breaking phase of olympic lifts and will allow you to have more control.

Behind the neck press

1x72.5kg (160 lbs)
11x55kg (some hypertrophy)

Good mornings

3 sets with 50kg for reps

Some assymetric leg training, all with 30kg around 8 reps each leg, this is for hypertrophy

2 sets of bulgarian split squats
2 sets of front foot elevated lunges
2 sets op drop lunges


6 sets standing
3 sets seated.

Happy with 72.5kg/160lbs behind the neck press, but I guess that I should grip the bar slightly wider and also keep my body tigher. Squats went a little bit better than last week and they are getting faster which is good! Probably next week I’ll hit a 150kg squat again!


Ring training of today

Some weighted chin ups, weighted dips, push up variations, superman and ring flyes.

Training with a mate, who is pretty good on the rings.


Some snatching training focussing on my technique

Did some snatch drops starting on the toes, hang snatches from power position, mid hang snatches

Then I started with some series of snatches with 55kg (120 lbs)
After that some overheads with a 4|2|1 tempo

Finally some light backsquats, some cable rows and some facepulls.


Snatch training of today, went well until I had issues with a fingernail, after that I had one bad serie and one angry rage serie which went a little bit better, but the technique was horrible.

The overheads with a slow eccentric phase and pause went well despite the fact that I could no longer grip the bar in hookgrip.


Today’s training was not so special, I was a bit sleepy in the gym, I was ready to go at 5pm, but my girlfriend couldn’t go until 6pm so we went at 6pm and in that hour I got sleepy. Did some clean & jerks until 100kg,

then some close grip bench press with a pause until 120kg and possible 122.5kg but my girlfriend helped a bit much. 120kg is around 265 lbs.

I am hoping to get 130kg-137.5kg with a normal grip in the next 6 weeks. 137.5kg would mean to break the 300lbs barrier which would be awesome.


Had a deload and just focused on some snatch technique on friday and did some rings yesterday

Best rep of the technique training was this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1hjcOrO0Qc actually hit the bar with my hips and went a bit backwards.

The rest of the training you can see down below and it consisted of drop snatches, snatches from the powerposition, mid thigh hang snatches and regular snatches.


Got a new schedule which I will post shortly, yesterday I did some snatches and squats and today some jerks and presses.

Snatches were light and I did

6 sets of 3 from below the knee after warm up
6 sets of 3 complete
Overheadsquat 4x4 4|2|1 tempo with around 60-70kg
Backsquats 6x4 with the last set being 140kg
3 series of 6 repetitions each leg with barbell lunges with 70-75kg

Today I did,

5x3 Snatch grip jerk. I basically had 4 sets of 3 and then some singles, because I don’t have those fancy blocks for jerks, I had to clean the weight everytime, 105kg powerclean is still going fine, but my legs were supposed to have an off day, so I guess that I’ll put the red plates at the end the next time remove these and then clean the weight.

Some klokov press

5 series of 2-3 reps with 60kg

Sots press

5 series of around 6 reps ended with 32.5kg

Some back

Hammer grip chin ups

4 sets of 6 with the last set 15kg additional weight, the others with a 10kg plate

Cable rows

3 sets of 8

Face pulls

4 sets of 8

Some footage:



Hang cleans from below the knee

6 sets of 3 up to 90kg

Full cleans

1x112.5kg 1 fail


115kg (I am a lot stronger in the clean then the squat, the powerclean felt easy, I did not even not too be explosive… but I just can’t receive weights that are more than 110kg low. But 110kg for 2 was a personal best, so it is improving

Furthermore I did some clean pulls

4x4 up to 140kg (Feels like I can almost clean it if I had a better frontsquat)

Frontsquats (4|2|1 tempo)

6 sets of 2 up to 115kg

Frontsquats 1 1/4

4 sets of 4 with 80kg

Step ups

3 sets of 6 reps each leg up to 55kg


5x2xjerks up to 2x100kg

Push press

4 sets of 2-3 reps with 90kg

Military press


Some light benching, flyes and pull over for chest development.

All this at a bodyweight of 82.7kg

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP2rFEj6oD8



Snatches 6x2 ranging from 70-77.5kg

Power snatch 6x3x60kg

Snatch pulls from a deficit



6x2 from 130-145kg


1x75kg with a 12 second pause at the bottom.


Clean & jerk
5x2 up to 105kg

Powerclean and Push press


Hyper extensions with a bar in the neck

3x8x20kg (With a 8 second lowering phase)

Chinese bridges

Back bridge

3x30seconds up to 55kg


3x30sec up to 35kg



On monday some Hang snatches, normal snatches, a power snatch for fun, overhead squats, back squats and lunges.

On tuesday Jerks, klokov press, sots press, chin ups, facepulls and cable rows


One of the two upperbody workout that I do for weightlifting


Some chin ups from 2 years ago

Back in the days when I was younger and in some ways stronger. However, my flexibility, mobility and coordination have all improved greatly over the last 2 years. In the end what matters is how you apply your strength, I would now be able to do more one armed chin ups than 2 years ago and I am a lot faster with monkey bars, but I am not sure if I could do chin ups with 80kg. But I am also 4kg lighter than back then so it is hard to compare