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Bartolo Colon...


Should eat less and train a little harder. His back is bad because he's lugging a 40-pound gut around on every trip to the mound, not because he was "mis-managed" by his coach, as some seem to be implying.

I'd be ashamed of myself if I had to leave a decisive playoff game because I was overweight - pure and simple.


Amen to that! He needs to train like The Rocket!!


I was thinking the exact same thing.


I thought it was a sore shoulder?


That's just the latest symptom, probably due to compensating for the lower back problems he had against the Yankees. The body is one piece. His knees will probably be shot in a couple of years, if he even lasts that long. It's a shame, because he has always had the talent to be another Roger Clemens, but he just doesn't have the intangibles required.



Totally agree with your assessment about Colon's infuriating lack of comittment to even the most basic of fitness regimines, but to say he has the talent to be another Clemens is a bit off. Clemens is a once in a generation player, period.

Speaking of Clemens, there was a great take on him in a recent Sports Guy column. Someone was wondering why Clemens name is never brought up when steroid accustations are made. He has put on a ton of mass as he's aged. The guy in the column says he now looks like he's in the British Bulldogs, which is sort of true. Only makes sense if you followed the 80s WWF, but some of us old guys remember such things. . . .


The Rocket got fat and lazy at the end of his time in Boston too.


There's the ongoing internet rumor that Clemens is gonna be outed as a steroid user after the season. Check Deadspin for details.


Colon has been fat and lazy his whole career, starting in Cleveland. His weight was an issue with them as well.

And yes, he did have the talent and physical tools to have dominated for a whole career like Clemens. But, as I implied in my post, the "once in a generation" label only applies to those types that have both the physical tools and the drive and mental toughness to carry them through. Colon has not shown that he has the latter two.



I have suspected Clemens might be on steroids for a while now.

I am sure he is not the only pitcher even though people only talk about hitters.


I remember that guy. I dont' believe that he ever touched the stuff.


I hope you are joking about the British Bulldog. He was a notorious drinker/recreational drug user/steroid user.


My bad, I think clemens is clean but the british bulldog was a douche bag. No doubt he was using


Wasn't he Brutus the Barber BeefCake or just looked like him?