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Bars/Snacks for Kids


Can anyone recommend healthy bars or snacks for grammar school aged kids? It’s for school snack time or for something quick and convenient to hold them over till dinner or something on the run.

Most of the stuff I see is loaded with nuts or granola which they don’t like and the stuff they do like is loaded with sugar and other junk that makes them taste real good lol almost like a candy bar.


Fruit: bananas, Raisins and apple chips.

For nuts go with the tastier ones like macadamias or pistachios.

Cheese sticks are a god send. Throw an ice pack in their lunchbox so they don’t get funky.

Strips of grilled chicken keep pretty well in a sandwich bag in a lunchbox with an icepack.

Popcorn is cheap, non-perishable and you can buy the gigantic bags at costco with just some oil and salt as ingredients. Split into snack bags.

Make protein pudding with greek yogurt and honey throw it in a small tupperware container. My kids love that.

Fair warning, they will just trade their awesome healthy snacks for a corn syrup pooding pack and a fruit rollup.


Ok thanks for the tips