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Barry vs Beltran



(Alternative backup #2 to watch fight)

The good:
Barry looked huge as fuck

Beltran, although not a good fighter, really showed quite a bit of heart taking some really hard punishment to his legs that arguably would've made more skilled fighters in the division crumple.

Beltran, although he ultimately lost, did a pretty good job of implementing his gameplan by throwing barry off with ineffective flurries and then pinning him against the cage.

The bad:

Barry did like, nothing. He was really hesistant the whole fight, like he was either very afraid of getting taken down, or his head just wasn't in the fight.

Barry's extra muscle mass didn't seem to do much for his cardio.

Fight was pretty boring.

I really like Pat Barry, and I do think like many others think he is a potential prospect, but this was really a fight that he should have dominated, and had he been more aggressive, he almost definitely would have. He had this massive speed advantage, probably the fastest hands in the HW division, and yet he doesn't utilize it.

Barry actually really surprises me. For a guy who came from a strong Sanshou background, you'd think he'd actually be a bit more adept at sweeps and throws, and have a stronger defense against grappling from the standup.


Have yet to watch the fight, and yeah I love the guy on account looking like a HW version of me (two inches taller and very similar proportions, even our faces have similarities, it's freaky). But if he isn't comfortable with the grappling side of things by now, he'll never amount to much in the sport, at least that's what I feel. Striking wise, he'd give nearly everyone in the division fits... in a kickboxing bout.


Well I haven't seen too many Sanshou guys in mma bar Cung Le who has good td defense imo due to his wrestling background. Beltran actually out struck Barry though Barry landed the harder shots. Honestly a lame fight I thought the eye poke really hurt Joey and maybe cost him the fight.


I thought this was Barry Bonds and Carlos Beltran that were gonna face off or something.


Barry kept looking over to what I assume was his corner like he didn't know what to do next.

It was like he expected Beltran to go down and he didn't want to do anything other than leg kick.


It looked like Barry was sparring and if he was going to put him away he would only do it with a highlight hi kick ko,


Barry's pathetic. He's never going to do shit in the UFC. He constantly talks about being afraid pre fight and not wanting to fight. He actually admits to having no killer instinct. How can you support a "fighter" like that?


...Based on his interviews? or his, I don't know FIGHTS?
From his fights, I reckon he is a talented striker with great physical tools who seems to suck at, or fear, grappling, and who hasn't fought to his potential in 3 of his last 4 fights.

I like him because he's a blown up MW with potential at HW. I root for him because if he becomes a contender, it'd be awesome, in the same vein as Randy competing at HW. So far, of course, I am disappoint.


I'd watch.


was anyone else impressed by how Wiman totally out-fought Miller? Cole just couldn't get off, even on the ground, and he's a BB. Love it when physical fighters overwhelm technical ones.

Also, both Mitrione and Guillard looked awesome.