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Barry Bonds


1st All Time:
- 73 Homeruns (Single Season)
- 232 Walks (Single Season)
- 120 Intentional Walks (Single Season)
- 2311 Walks (Lifetime)
- .609 On Base % (Single Season)
- 13 Consecutive 30+ Homerun Seasons
- 500/500 Only Player to Hit 500+ Homeruns & Steal 500+ Bases (Lifetime)

In The Making:
- 708 Career Homeruns(3rd All Time)Hank Aaron 755, Babe Ruth 714
- 13 Time All Star
- 12 Silver Slugger Awards
- 8 Gold Gloves
- 7 Time League MVP

Other Personal Best:
- 52 Stolen Bases (Single Season)
- .370 Batting Average (Single Season)
- .863 Slugging % (Single Season)
- 42 Homeruns/ 40 Stolen Bases (1996)

Other Lifetime Stats:
- .300 Batting average
- .442 OnBase %
- .611 Slugging %
- 506 Stolen Bases


I think Barry's great too. Only a fool would attribute his recent success to steroids alone. He's been great ever since he's been in the league.



Hat Size: 23743"


I don't care what his stats are, he's still a dickhead


He was a sure fire Hall of Famer before his steriod use,but they did contribute to him hitting 30 a year to hitting over 40.If he hadn't jucied,he'd probably would've hit around 550 homers.He'd be in the same catagory with Mantle and Ted Williams,which is still fucking awesome.It's a shame Griffey got hurt the past 5 years,I think he'd would've eventually broke the Homerun record without steriods,the guy is pretty lanky.


A dickhead. A cheat. Generally scum as far as I'm concerned. Fuck him.


I always thought that Barry is a little brokeback, his voice...now cmon!

I am a Dodger fan for life, we all hate Barry.

He does have great numbers.

Hat size! LOL




What the hell is that? That is hysterical!


He's a cheat. Fuck him in his stupid ass.


My sentiments exactly.

What pisses me off the most is that he's a fucking grade-A prick on top of being a damn cheat, and there are still people out there willing to defend his sorry ass. He is the embodiment of what is wrong with professional sports in the modern era.


I put those stats up without a comment, to see how everyone felt about Bonds first. Thats not how I expected it to go. I expected a little more support for his talant.

My personal feelings on Barry are these: He is the best hitter I've ever seen. I'm a huge baseball fan and grew up watching Barry play with the Pirates. I think because of his reputation and probable steroid use, that his accomplishments will be overlooked, undervalued, and not recognized as possibly the greatest player ever. Barry may be an arrogant & even selfish prick to some, but his personality should be seperated from his talant.

Barry at even 185 lbs still had the best eye in the league and took alot of walks early in his career. He is the most feared hitter in baseball. He has a rare talant of power and speed. The one thing that will always seperate him from the rest was his eye. He had a great eye for the ball. He never swung at bad pitches. He made you pitch strikes to him or you would have to walk him. That all translates to a high on base percentage and since he was a talanted hitter, a high slugging percentage as well.

Barry IMO is simply the best hitter there ever was. Played in an era that was far tougher than Ruth's. And dominated the atheletic era. Ruth domintaed an era of old out of shape guys with far less athleticism than todays ballplayers. When Barry breaks Ruth's record this year, don't expect him to stop there. I see him breaking Aarons, and even exceding that and passing 800 homeruns before he retires.

A very rare talant of power and speed. Barry has over 500 stolen bases and 700 homeruns. He will be close to 500 stolen bases and 800 homeruns when he retires for good. Don't expect to see another ball player like that for the rest of your life. Enjoy Barry's dominace while he's still playing.

Whether you're a fan or a hater, sometimes its nice to see people give credit where credit is due. Barry is still hobbeling around on busted knees and still dominating the plate. Sometimes when your good, you have the right to be as arrogant as you want to be. Had Barry been more media friendly and kissed peoples ass to get people to like him; maybe his popularity would be higher. I don't think Barry was ever concearned about being popular. Just superior. And with that said. Lets just say I look foward to seeing Barry dominate the plate one more year with his superior skill.

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he is amazing

top 5 all time if you control for era

obviously best ever if you dont control for era


As they should be.

Using steroids is called CHEATING. If an athlete cheats in order to excel, how can you possibly say that they are the greatest player ever?

Now, if steroids were allowed in baseball, then yes, I would agree with you. But since they aren't, your argument is as shitty as Bond's demeanor.


i think Barry pisses a lot of people off because he just doesn't give a damn.

Whatever you want to call him, he is the best baseball player of the past 25 years. Steroids or not.


A-ROD? Anyone...


I disagree.


Wow! Can you elaborate on a few things for me please?

A) how do you know if and when he started using?

B)How did you calculate the increase in number of hr's due to steroid use?

C) How do you know if Jr. is juicing or not?

And for the record Bonds is hands down the greatest player of all time, period!I dont understand why everyone gets their panties all bunched over his attitude or behavior. Who cares if he likes the media or not? Who cares if he has a shitty attitude? He is a baseball player, not the U.N. ambassador to Equador. He has always performed and acted professionally on the field. That is all he is paid to do. Nad he does it very well.


Everyone has the right to be an arrogant prick.

I am not impressed by arrogance.


Baseball is full of cheats.

I dislike Bonds because he is a jackass. I don't care how good he is.