Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds is the greatest player in all the land. Bring him your finest meats and cheeses.

Cheese is gross. Plus, Barry makes way more than I do - he doesn’t need me to bring him food.

And did you know that Barry has his whole house wired that when he walks in through his front door, his computers log on? I know he has more than two computers in his house. Y'know it's wierd the things you remember about people....

Yea, 4 homeruns in 2 games. He da man.

Uhh…I don’t wanna give Barry my “finest meat”. He’s a great ball player, but come on…

great great,player, but he’s always choked in the postseason

Hah… I thought I was the only Bonds fan out there. Before last year, you should have heard the crap I’d put up with, from other baseball fans.

recall the met-giants series 2 yrs back-he did nothing!!!.. He’s an amazing athlete but i’ll take half the yankees(i’m a met fan) over him for a clutch situation in the playoffs anyday

What’s baseball?

Do you think it’s fair that he doesn’t have to practice like the rest?that he takes batting practice and that’s about it?Hey,I agree,he’s GREAT,but come on,no one else gets that treatment,and yes,I believe there are other players who could sit back,weight train,rest,and play ball and have his totals!

wait a second, I never post here, just read…but I have to respond to this one. Barry Bonds may be an OK player but he is an egotistical, selfish, arrogant a-hole. Has he ever really helped his team? any sacrifice bunts or anyother way been a team player? Were any of his teammates happy for him when he broke the homerun record like McGuire and Sosas were? No…the only people that like Barry Bonds are his dad and godfather WillY Mays.

Does anyone here not think that he took his chemical assistance to a new level last year? Steroids alone will not make a great player but it can help a player hit with more power. Bonds is in his mid 30s and suddenly he puts on 15 pounds during one off season. Reminds me of the female swimmer from Ireland in 1996 that all of a sudden went from a typical top 5 finisher to the world champion. I’m not taking anything away from Bonds because I believe most if not all MLB players are juicing.

supposedly…he actualy focused more on flexibility and less on weight training then he had in past yrs and attributed that to his sucess

What the hell? There’s an imposter Jake on here dissin my favorite player.

Bonds started working out with Jerry Rice, and his trainer a couple seasons ago, since then he has gotten more flexible and durable, not to mention likely stronger. He may be on the juice, but if I remember right, his weight lifting isn’t that great.

You’re asking why Bonds doesn’t sacrafice bunt? How many players these days are even asked to sacrafice bunt?

A neat lil stat is the percentage of Bonds’ homeruns that either give his team the lead, or tie up the game. If I remember right it was a good 10-20% higher then McGuire’s or Sosa’s.

How can people be so judgemental about a person they dont even know? A lot of people think im mean and conceded because I dont talk to many people. Im just shy but everyone thinks im an asshole. You dont even know him. All you know about him is what the media tells you. And its not fair to label him for what he did or didnt do in one series of his whole career. He is the best player in baseball. Ask any pitcher who they dont want to pitch to. Since yall like to listen so much to the media, listen to them now. Listen to what he is saying. He doesnt care about homeruns. He wants to win. Thats all he wants. I really dont understand people sometime.

I am finally glad that someone shares my opinion. Barry is the man. The only bad thing is his post season production.

the fact remains that barry bonds is an incredible player until the postseason comes… look at his numbers… although to be fair in his last post season series bobby valentine ran circles around dusty baker
TOTAL 27 games 97 ab 12 r 19 h 5 doubles 1 triple 1 hr 6 rbi 17 bb 20 so 8 sb .319obp .299 slg .196 avg

The boy can hit some dongs. But it win him a world series. GO MARINERS.

I am in the same ball park as you(not trying to be funny either). People just believe what they hear when they know nothing of them. I am also a little shy and when I don’t talk to everybody I meet they think I am stuck up or something. Another thing the media is evil. They are just trying to write stories that sell with no truth to them. Look at Rickey Williams who played for my hometown team The Saints (I know they usually suck). They just printed stories that he hated New ORleans and the coaches and stuff like that.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Barry Bonds is a douche bag.

I would agree with my counter part, Curt. This guy is an idiot.