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Barry Bonds Workout


I know Hating On Barry Bonds has kinda fallen out of fashion since this summer but out of curiosity I looked up what his workout is.

Monday: Chest and Biceps
Standing cable fly; standing cable biceps curl; incline Hammer-machine press; seated one-arm dumbbell curl; flat-bench dumbbell press; bench push-up; exercise-ball crunch.

Tuesday: Quads and Hamstrings
Single-leg extension; two-leg extension; lying hamstring curl; adductor machine; abductor machine; single-leg press; leg press; barbell squat; walking lunge

Wednesday: Back and Abs
Wide-grip pull down, close-grip pull down; seated row; pull-up; low-back extension; standing calf raise; seated calf-raise; crunch

Thursday: Shoulders and Triceps
Seated rear-delt machine; one-or two-arm dumbbell lateral raise; one- or two-arm dumbbell front raise; cable triceps press down (with straight bar or rope); standing machine dip

Friday Quads and Hamstrings
Single- or two-leg extension; lying leg curl; adductor machine; abductor machine; uni-lateral or regular leg press; barbell squat; stiff-legged dead lift; seated leg curl; standing single-leg hamstring curl; exercise-ball crunch


This is the website I got this from. It's got some pretty good opinions about this type of training being used for a professional athelete.

I'd always maintained the argument that, even though Bonds used a huge cocktail of substances, it would be possible for someone as small as Bonds was in the 90s to get as big as he is now without the aid of steroids if they ate a ton of whole foods and had a good workout program.

After looking at Bonds workout I'm just pissed because it's evidence that he gets all his results from Steroid use and batting practice. These exercises only serve to get the blood and steroids moving through his veins.

And for the minority of you who don't like the ban on steroids in competitive sports, I can understand where your coming from and I don't have a problem with sports federations that don't test for drugs but if you're going to be playing the game you gotta play it by the rules and Bonds isn't playing by the MLB rules: that's why he's a cheater.

If he were part of some untested home-run-derby league where all the players were allowed to juice that would be a completely different story. (And if such a league did exist Bonds would suck because his body-part-split-trained ass wouldn't be able to hang with other athletes in this fictitious league who would be on performance enhancing drugs and would actually train right in the gym)


And your experience in training pro athletes is what? And you know for certain the athletes he played against did what? When?

You can't go back and piss and moan about Bonds when he never tested positive and when his competitors have tested positive.

As for his workout, how do you know this is what he was doing when? I saw another workout published years ago about Bonds that detailed a lot of different things other than a bodypart split.


Don't tell me Bonds hasn't taken HGH. His cap size increased by a half inch since he started playing even though he shaved his head!

My experience with training pro athletes? None. Sure I'm an NCAA athelete who knows how NCAA athletes and successful High School athletes train. I thought I've lifted long enough, read enough about how athletes train, and known enough other successful non-professional atheletes to have a pretty good idea of how any athlete should train and I've even read about how professional athletes train but I guess since I don't work as a strength coach for pro-athletes I don't have enough experience and knowledge about training to say that body-part splits, single joint exercises, and machines aren't good for sports.

Where's this workout you saw Bonds doing? Was it before he started taking HGH? If you tell me what this awesome workout is that can slap pounds on a "drug-free" pro athelete in a matter of months I'll hate on Bonds a little less.

This workout was Designed By Greg Anderson and published in Muscle and Fitness in 2003. It was the Barry Bonds workout. Give me your address and I'll mail you the microfiche containing all the Weider Publications from June of 03.

Oh, and back to me not knowing enough about how Pro Athletes should train to critique their program. Did you see that Greg Anderson has Bonds on a Hip Adductor Machine? My Testicles are big enough to tell me that no man should ever use one of those.


Thats right. The program was designed by Greg Anderson. It was probably meant to be used with Steroids. Where do I get off making this accusation? Greg Anderson, Bond's strength coach, went to fuck-you-in-the-ass prison for 3 months because of steroid distribution and money laundering.


I'm just going to say I take what I see in M&F with a huge pile of salt.


Obviously, but if he's gonna say he lifted 5 days a week, in a row... plus went to practice, games, ect, and recovered fine wo/ roids. Pour a triple of patron with that grain of salt because thats a crock of shit.


everyone knows he does steroids, oh well Alex Rodriquez will break his home run record anyways.


He also does 5 sets of wife beating and 10 sets of being a prick to fans and team mates.


i'm not saying he did or didn't do steroids, I'm saying to stop whining about it.

And if you don't realize M&F uses ghost writers, you're an idiot.


It'd make sense that, at 40 years old and not exactly the healthiest set of wheels, he'd be on much more of a maintenance program at this point than on one geared towards strength and size gains. I'm thinking that German Volume Training may be a bit of a strain on a banged-up 40 yr old body that is already putting up with 162 games (granted, with a lot of days on the bench) and year-round training.

My point isn't that he did or didn't use steroids/HGH (that horse has LONG been beaten) but that what M&F tells us his current training regimen is doesn't say SHIT -- even if it's factual. They also print articles which would have you believe former Dallas/SF Safety Tony Parrish got his build from doing yoga.



For the 100000000000000000000000000 time.....

Barry Bonds never broke a single rule of baseball if he used steroids or HGH. There was no rule in MLB that prohibited steroids. Either people are dense or outright stupid. This is clear as day. MLB knew what was going on and that's why there was no rule instated UNTIL someone blew the whistle, Canseco.

Once again.....
Barry Bonds never broke a MLB rule.

Again for the reading impaired.....
Barry Bonds never broke a MLB rule.

In case anyone missed it.....
Barry Bonds never broke a MLB rule.

Pitchers were doing it, batters were doing it, hell the bat boy was probably even doing it. The fact remains none of them broke a rule because the rule wasn't there.

If you want to throw the things that Bonds did out, cool. Then get rid of everything from the late 70's 'til the congressional hearings because they're all "tainted."

While you're at it, throw out a number of HOF'ers that have been caught doctoring the balls, corking bats and notorious racists.

Throw out Mickey Mantel also. His cocktail of pain killers, bourbon and beer allowed him to do thinks his body couldn't had he not been under the influence of a substance. Ya know, like run. He wouldn't have been able to get out of bed if he wasn't plastered beyond belief.


So I guess your trying to say that that workout program won't put muscle on somebody? I doubt that. I'm sure a number of people will gain muscle on it. And its not as if he gained ALL muscle anyway.

As far as his athleticism goes, he's lost most of it and pretty much specialized in just hitting home runs. He's hasn't been nearly as athletic as he was in the early 90's.

Far as being a cheater, he's no more a cheater than any other person who hasn't been caught in the league. The rules are you can't test positive. Not you can't use illegal substances. He hasn't tested positive everybody just knows he uses it. So what, how many other players are.


Also throw out any records until baseball was fully integrated, or any records when people were alleged to have used speed while we're at it. Of course I'm saying the same thign as you, hahaha.



Speedy was HANDED out in the 60's and 70's. They had BOWLS of it in the clubhouse. I'm quite certain everyone at that time was doing it. You think Reggie Jackson stuffed his hair do into his helmet sober? That's impossible!



Anytime a professional athlete's "program" is printed in a publication, I cringe. Usually, you don't know if it's even legit, and other times, it may only encompass one small part of his training (one week or month and only one portion = strength training). Other times, it may not even show what the person did for the many years prior to get to the level they are at now.

Did you see the Brady Quinn workout in Men's Fitness a while back? It was the biggest bunch of crap I've ever seen. He performed two exercises per day on a four-day template.

Ummm, yeah, right. I'm sure that's all he really did in the off-season (or for the many years building him up to the NFL level).




Here is how you, know everyone in Basebasll knew what was going on. How it was leaked to the media. How we (fans and the supposid) turned the other cheek.

The trainer for the Baltimore Orioles. Said the coolest thing he had ever seen in the weight room. Is Brady Anderson, squating 225lbs, while standing on a medicine ball.

Brady Anderson, a relative nothing player an at best 23/25 home run hitter. Went on that year to hit for 50 home runs. AND GOT PAID, the next year.

Yeah, it was out there and we all knew it. Yet, know we want to jump Big head for doing it and getting to where he is because of it.

Or, are you, just mad that now you can't do it and get paid.

Btw, Big Head does have one of the better swings in baseball. As for Choke-Rod, breaking the record. I doubt it.