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Barry Bonds trainer arrested


your point?


steroid forum, major news about steroid bust, etc…

aside from that, no point. Probably harkens back to State Union when the prez actually mentioned steroids and legislation.


but why does it have to be “barry bonds” trainer. why cant it just be the a-hole who got busted? all this does is give people the impression that bonds is on dope. other wise it wouldnt even be a news worthy story.

this is old news, happend a long time ago

Well actually, I think he JUST NOW got arrested. The investigation story came out awhile ago, but they just now got to the indictment…so in that regard it is recent.

I agree with P-Dog, “Barry Bonds” has nothing to do with it. His trainer also trains other athletes such as olympians. Keep Barry out. He’ll find a new trainer.

Barry was obviously his biggest client. He holds the single season HR record. That’s why he’s mentioned of course.

Isn’t anyone wondering why Bonds name continues to come up? Many people will always question his truthfulness. He is a marked man and the media has decided to portray him as a “Bad Guy”. This is all regardless of who Barry actually is and how he acts.
That’s just the way it is.

I was looking at pictures of Barry Bonds now and years ago. He has made some damn impressive gains over the years. Whether he is on juice or not is irrelevant, he’s a badass. It would be nice if the government would leave everyone alone. Sports are much more exciting when the athletes are juicing, and it extends the time that they can keep playing over the years. Who cares if people are juicing? It’s not like people are getting killed over a bottle of test…

This is more a thread for the “off topic forum”