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Barry Bonds Found Guilty


He was convicted on one count of obstruction of justice, with 3 other counts still pending...


Yeaaaaaaah!!! Lets get him!!!

grabs his torch and pitch fork


He's a world-class douchebag. Is the punishment for any of the pending convictions the chair, by chance?



What kind of punishment is he looking at?


What (if any) jail time is he looking at? I don't think lying about using drugs should mean you have to go to jail for it, since most drug addicts probably get off with going to rehab.


While I'm not a fan of the man, I gotta say that this has been a huge waste of tax payer's money. Did the country truly benefit from this at all?



My thoughts exactly.


Does this mean he won't make it in the hall of fame?


He is still the greatest baseball player of all time with or without the roidz. Yeah i said it


A few months of house arrest max. That's IF the judge doesnt throw out the conviction. Which is pretty ridiculous IMO. Its just a conviction for the sake of a conviction because of who he is and because they couldnt convict on the other 3.

He got convicted for going off on tangents about his life as a 'child celebrity' and his friendship with Anderson when not asked about that. He's a shitty guy but that's not a crime IMO.

My amateur opinion.


Yeah him and Manny 1st ballot HOFers!!!


Perjury is pretty serious stuff. You can pick and choose who to prosecute for lying to a Grand Jury just because theyre a public figure or not. Its not serious in the sense that it affects the lives of a lot of people but in the sense that our legal system would crumble if it was taken lightly.


Doesn't compare to Williams without steroids. But I'm of the opinion that steroids are like every other unfair advantage/rule change that benefited hitters in later eras.


Who the fuck cares? It's baseball.


I agree, although I would say that he's the greatest power hitter to ever play the game.

I think the trial was an incredible waste of time and money. All in all the investigation lasted 8 years, for a single charge that will probably result in house arrest or home confinement. Donte Stallworth killed a man while drunk driving, Ray Lewis was linked to a murder, yet the government chooses to spend the most time on this?

Off the field issues aside, Bonds was an incredible baseball player, and I am extremely glad that I got to witness his power in person. He is almost entirely responsible for building one of the best stadiums in the bigs, AT&T Park.


I'm a huge Barry Bonds fan. He is by far the greatest hitter to ever play the game. I think he's actually one of the clever guys because he hasn't tested positive for anything and he hasn't said anything. Bonds didn't budge AT ALL during the waning end of his career, even when motherfuckers were waving asterisk signs. He just kept hitting home runs like it was no ones business - a true professional. It's no wonder Barry Bond haters are jealous pricks.

The other guys are the assholes: A-Rod, Sosa, McGwire and Clemens [add to list if I've missed someone]. Except Manny, he's the best; just Manny being Manny.


You can't say "with or without the steroids" as if steroids don't make a difference. He was a great player before the steroids, but no one, and I mean NO ONE would be mentioning him in GOAT discussions without steroids.

He admitted in the grand jury testimony that he had "unknowingly" taken steroids.


It will be really hard to ever argue for a GOAT candidate not named Babe Ruth.

Along with all his batting statistics he pitched a complete game shutout in the World Series FFS!


Completely agree. It was a witch hunt.