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Barry Bonds and Steroid Use


I thought it was all due to clean living and hard training!



Interesting article.I hope they do not let bonds in the hall of fame.He does not belong.The guys that did it before him naturally are the ones that belong.This season will be interesting to see if bonds does decide to play.Steroids do not belong in baseball at all.


Please, then most playes shouldnt be in the hall. Just imagine if they did cocaine, acid and morphine testing in the 50's, 60's and 70's. I'm sure none of the WWII player/vets weren't on anything when they came back. There are FAR worse people in the hall then someone who used steroids. You think Ty Cobb didnt take part in some of the southern lynchings? He was a notorious racist! Please.....


I'm on the fence with this...Bonds was a great player and a hall of famer before his use, but it is obvious the latest explosion was due to this. I don't know where he should stand in the grand scheme of things now, especially in a sport so reliant on stats to judge their athletes.


I don't think it really matters so much anymore. The kids growing up today know about steroids, and they know about Bonds. He will never be a champion, and never be considered the record holder for HRs (provided he gets it). Its whats in the fans' minds more than anything else...and he might be the most hated man in baseball.

Count me among his detractors.


Do you think cocaine would help a player any at all?I don't.Steroids helped Mark,Sammy,and Bonds.As far as the lynching goes I have no idea.There is still plenty of athletes who are racist.White black and other races.It's always the white guy that gets blamed for being a racist.Anyway that's not what this thread is about so I will stay on subject.I think that if any player was proven to have taken illegal performance enhancing drugs then they do not belong in the hall.


He was a great athlete before his steroid use.I still believe that steroids do not belong in baseball.Bonds would have never hit 73 HR if it wasn't for his steroid use.


Wow, if the scope of his use it true, I had no idea. I figured he was taking something like M1T or superdrol. Something that was technically legal at the time.

I wish we had more insight into how much McGwire and Sosa have done. It's hard to give Bonds so much grief when you just don't know how much these other guys have done. I want to be able to spread the hate.


I don't care. He has been entertaining for years, and I have derived much pleasure from watching him and all of the other pinsers play.

When I think of the money the government has spent on these congressional hearing and investigations, etc...it makes think I'm going to have a coronary.


Here we go again...


What about all the guys who took greenies (speed) in the old days? From what I understand (from old ex-major leaguers) that would cover a high percentage of players.

A guy I play with currently recalls one spring training where two current hall of famers were disciplined for use and distribution of greenies. In fact, the one Hall of Famers wife, who was a doctor, was the source and would write the prescriptions.


END OF DISCUSSION! Barry was NEVER proven to take ANYTHING illegal.


I really have enjoyed watching Bonds play too.The home run race between Mark and Sammy was great too.I just think that if we allow steroids in baseball then that is sending the wrong message to our youth.It's not fair to the other players who chose not to use steroids.It was obvious that Bonds and the rest had a big advantage due to their use.We all know that steroids will be in bodybuilding forever but they shouldn't be allowed in baseball.


and it was never PROVEN that OJ carved up his ex-wife. C'mon.


What is your point? Regardless of what you think happened, you can't bypass our legal system based on what you want to believe. If that is the case, why believe everyone found guilty truly is? You can't pick and choose who is guilty or innocent if they are found innocent in a court of law.


OJ didnt do it, it was his son. OJ just watched.


I understand your point, but I am so sick of hearing politically correct d-bags hide behind the excuse "but what about the children" - you know what fuck 'em. I don't care.

If the media wasn't full of such sensationalists, and didn't talk about this assinine subject incessantly behind the guise of political and social consciousness, then your 7 year old wouldn't "be at risk" for steroid use.

Also, if it isn't fair for baseball players that choose not to juice, how is it fair for a natural bodybuilder that wants to break into the IFBB - it isn't, such is life.


Everything Barry Bonds is BORING


I re-read the post. Yes, as far as getting into the HOF, you're right. He can't be kept out because nothing has been proven . . . yet.

I thought PGA200X was saying that Barry didn't do it.

Regardless, Barry Bonds is a lying-piece-of crap-bitter-cheating-asshole of the highest order.


sorry in advance for the long post.. borderline bloggish

according to the article there is compelling evidence that suggests he was taking:

GH, Winny, Tren, Test,

not to mention the 2 designer compounds courtesy of Pat Arnold and Balco that were only not illegal because nobody knew they existed

I know this isn't proof he took them. but either way.. if he took them and they can't prove it does that change anything?

Personally I dont give a shit.. I don't care for baseball..Im also inclined to think that drug use is so rampant in the sport and the argument that he, therefore, was not cheating is a legitimate one.

I think in general the only thing people give a shit about is watching the ball go over the wall. But now we're supposed to give a shit about whether or not players are clean while hitting said balls over said walls.. Really we dont care... Really , I think, we are resentful that we feel like we have to care, we pay lip service to cheaters and records and asterisks, but the whole time that little voice in our heads is saying please dont take away our 70 homer seasons,our 9.8 100 meters, our 4.2 40's, our bone crushing hits, our 1000 lbs benches..

but if we're going to pretend to care that he did steroids then lets actually pretend to care he did steroids... rather than play lawyer-ball and jerk each other off over whether or not it's satisfactorily been proven.