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Barret's Mini Log: 28 Days

April 1st-April 28th

BW: 198-200lbs

Bodyfat percent: No clue, not good.

Goal: Lose at least 10lbs-20lbs while maintain whatever muscle mass by April 28th.

Main method of weight training:
5x5 Full Body routine/10x3

Mon:Deadlifts- 10x3
Overhead Press-5X5
Wide Grip B-Rows- 4x6(10 rep special)

Wed:Hang Clean- 10x3
Bench Press- 5x5(10 rep special)
ATG Squats- 4x10

Fri:Front Squat- 10x3
Rom Deads-4x6(10 rep special)

Tues-Dips,Pull ups, Abs
Thurs-Dips, Pull ups, Abs

5x10 Burpees(Every Lifting Day)
Jump Rope
HIT Sprints
Log Toss 3x6 (Every lifting Day)
10x10 burpees

Deads: Snatch Grip, Romanian, Sumo, Stiff Leg, Good Mornings, Rack Pulls, Dimel Deads

Squat:Zercher, Wide Stance PL style, Pause Squats, Box Squats, Front Squats, Lunges, Step ups, Bulgarian squats

Bench: Close Grip, Overhead Press, Pause Bench, Lockouts/static holds, Wide Grip Bench, Bradford Press, Push Press, Incline/Decline,

Oly lifts: Snatch, Overhead Squats, Hang Cleans, Push Press, Front Squat

Glutes/Ass: Lunges, Bulgarian Squats, Step ups, Single Leg work

Back: Rows, Chin ups/Pull ups, Deadlifts, Back extension

Shoulders/Traps- Lateral Raises, Front raises, Shrugs, Military Press, Push press, Bradford Press, standing press, Power Shrugs.

Triceps: Dips, Close Grip
Biceps:Hammer curls, Zottman Curls, Reverse Curls, Pull ups

Grip/Forearm: Static holds, Rope work, Reverse Curl, Deadlifts, Sand grabbing.

Low Back: Good mornings, Back Extension, Snatch Grip deads

Hams: Romanaian Deads, Stiff Leg deads, GHR/Glute Ham Raise.

Quads: Hack squats, Front Squat

10X3 Snatch Grip Deads- 225lbs
4X5, 1X4 Overhead press- 135lbs, 145lbs, 155lbs

Deadlift- 405lbs x 1

Pull ups- 2x 5

Grocery List

--------------Morning Rush-----------
Green Tea(2), Fruit, Non-Fat Yogurt (2)



? Salmon(5 at most)
? Tuna (10 at most)
? Cod
? Trout
? Halibut
? Shrimp
? Scallops
Sardines (20 at most)

Eggs (2)

Chicken breasts (3-5 bags, tyson at sam’s club)

Fat Free Cottage cheese (2)

Milk protein isolates

Whey-casein blends

Lean Red Meat:

? Flank Steak
? Ground Beef (10 dollars worth at most)
? Top Round Cuts


Vegetables (not limited to):

? Broccoli (2, I might have enough)
? Green Beans (Got enough)
? Spinach (5 cans
? Lettuce (Don’t know)

(Potatoes and Corn Don’t Count as Vegetables)

Mixed Beans(Not limited to)

-Black Beans (5 cans)

Fruits (not limited to):
-Blue berries (3 bags)

Early in the day
? Apples (5)
? Strawberries (2 bags)
? Oranges (4)
? Grapefruits (3)
? Cherries
? Pears

Later in the day (after 6pm) and possibly post-workout
? Grapes (3)
? Bananas* (5)
? Peaches (canned, 4)
? Pineapple (Canned, 4)
? Dates
? Figs*

*Because of higher tryptophan levels, these may be helpful in inducing sleep.

Oatmeal/Oat bran (Got it)

Mixed-grain bread (1 or 2)

Brown Rice (optional)

Sweet Potatoes (2 cans or 3 real ones)


Flax oil/Flaxmeal(??)

Fish oil(EPA/DHA) (??)

Olive oil/Olives/Virgin Olive oil (1 big jug)

Mixed nuts:

? Almonds(1)
? Walnuts
? Cashews(1)
? Pistachios

8 more days and no progress lol

Main method of weight training:
5x5 Full Body routine/10x3

Mon: Deadlifts- 10x3
Overhead Press-5X5
Wide Grip B-Rows- 4x7

Wed:Hang Clean- 10x3
Bench Press- 5x5(10 rep special)
ATG Squats- 4x10
Dumbell press-3x10

Fri:Front Squat- 10x3
4x6 Close Grip Bench
Rom Deads-3x10

Tues-Dips,Pull ups, Abs,Curls, Neck work, Forearm/Grip
Thurs-Dips, Pull ups, Abs, Curls,

5x10 Burpees(Every Lifting Day)
Jump Rope
HIT Sprints
Log Toss 3x6 (Every lifting Day)
10x10 burpees


Army Ranger
Push ups in 2 mins: 49-80 plus
Sit ups in 2 mins: 59- 80 plus
Pull ups: 6 to 12 plus
2 mile run: 15:12 to sub 13:00
5 miles run: 40:00 to 35:00

Cross Fit standards level 3
Pistols: 10 each leg
Handstand push ups: 10
Hanging Straight leg raises: 20
Rope Climb: 20 feet, no feet, one trip
400 meter run: 1:19
800 meter run: 2:50
Dips: 30
Pull ups: 40
One mile run: 6 mins

Chicken breast
�?� Salmon
�?� Metabolic Drive
�?� Tilapia
�?� Cod
�?� Tuna
�?� Lean beef
�?� Broccoli
�?� Spinach
�?� Onions
�?� Carrots
�?� Cottage cheese
�?� Walnuts
�?� Almonds
�?� Natural peanut butter
�?� Olive oil
�?� Fiber One cereal
�?� Brown rice
�?� White rice
�?� Yams
�?� Potatoes
�?� Whole wheat pasta
�?� Black beans
�?� Chick peas
�?� Kidney beans
�?� Lentils

urning Phase

Meal One

Egg white/whole egg omelet (3:1 ratio)
Diced onions
Chicken sausage
Cheddar cheese
Flameout, HOT-ROX Extreme, and a multi-vitamin

Meal Two

Chocolate Metabolic Drive

Meal Three

Romaine lettuce
Sliced red onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms
Feta cheese
Olive oil and red wine vinegar

Meal Four (Workout)

Creatine and HOT-ROX Extreme

Meal Five


Meal Six

Metabolic Drive
Peanut butter
Add minimal water and mix

Power Foods by TC

Wild Salmon
Grass Fed Beef
Olive Oil
Turkey Breasts
Shiitake Mushrooms

Working the back:

  1. Into the Body

  2. Down From Overhead

  3. Shoulders Up Towards the Ears

  4. Low-Back Extension

Variety: Movements to Train

When we break down exercise, this is really all the body can do:

�?� Quad dominant (bilateral and unilateral)

�?� Hip dominant (bilateral and unilateral)

�?� Horizontal pushing

�?� Horizontal pulling

�?� Vertical pushing

�?� Vertical pulling

�?� Core

The Workout

Let’s get into it. Perform each complex once per week for four training sessions per week. Use the following progression:

Week One: 4 sets of 5 reps of each �?? 90s rest

Week Two: 5 sets of 5 reps of each �?? 75s rest

Week Three: 5 sets of 6 reps of each �?? 60s rest

Week Four: 6 sets of 6 reps of each �?? 45s rest. Then puke.

Complex A

Bent Over Barbell Row

Hang Clean

Front Squat + Push Press Hybrid

Jump Squat (bar on back)

Good Morning

omplex B

Romanian Deadlift

Hang Clean + Front Squat + Push Press (combo lift �?? perform one rep of each in series)

Reverse Lunge (alternate legs)

Complex C


High Pull (onto toes)

Squat Clean (clean the bar from the hang and then drop into a full squat on the catch)

Military Press (strict)

Jump Lunges (switch legs) �?? Insert my evil laugh here!

Complex D

Jump Squat


Squat and hold for 10s

Military Press

Push Press

Squat and Press (combo lift �?? perform one rep of each in series)

Note: Try to work all exercises at a speed of 1-2 reps per second.