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Barometric Pressure and Stiffness

It seems that on rainy, cloudy days when the barometric pressure rapidly changes I notice that my joints, especially knees, get really stiff and my joints tend to crack and pop more. Is this a natural phenomenon or am I just stiff and achy? I thought it might have something to do with the weather.

Hey man, I’ve noticed the same thing in my knees on some rainy days. Now that I haven’t been jogging as much and tend to get my aerobic exercise from walking and doing incline stairmaster workouts, they don’t tend to bother me as much. I’m 30 now and not quite as “invincible” as I used to be.

Yeah, it’s a natural phenomenon. When old timers say, “The weathers changin’, I can feel it in my bones” or they can feel it in their knee, the one they hurt in '63 when they where… Anyway, barometric changes, can be felt in some peoples joints, most after they get injured, old, etc. That means you’re old, man. Just kidding.

That’s pretty weird stuff. Does anyone know any science behind it?