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Barney Frank WTF!


So I know the big story is the crack down in Iran, but listen to him go...

What the hell man? How can someone be this stupid? Isn't this one of the things that got us in this ridiculous mess? This is what's wrong with QGEs.... when you do something that makes business sense, people from the gov't tell you to open up.


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This shouldn't surprise anyway... Obama's been on TV for months talking about how we need to loosen the credit markets up so people can, well, spend more money they don't have and probably can't pay back. The road out of this recession has from the first steps looked just like the road that lead to it.




"Do what ever it takes to prop up the biggest problem with the Economy" , I can see how you would disagree with that. He may be right and he may be wrong


This is correct, he might be right or he might be wrong. The problem is it's hard to see how he's right when this looks just like the same course of action that got us into this mess. He needs to explain to us poor, stupid serfs why this is different then the last time around.


...and the time before that, and the time before that, and the time before that...


Will it still be Bush's fault when this idea fails again?

Dismantling Fannie and Freddie would be much better for stabilizing the economy. Nobody will like it in the short term, but it won't take long for the majority of lenders to get themselves on solid footing without the backing of these government companies. That short term hurt likely would be over if we would have just done this last fall.


I can appreciate you sometimes, ha.


Well, he and his ilk are the biggest problem of this economy.

And it would be so easy to solve it.

He would just need to go away.


And what about the rest of "his ilk"? The problem really is not the people but rather the system itself that empowers these people.

As long as there will be rule there will be a ruling class that believes it has all the answers to life's problems. Democracy does not change this, it only changes who may be allowed entry into the ruling class. Unfortunately, we are not created equally capable of ruling and thus society under democracy will fail.

(And don't the rest of you go trying to tell me that this country isn't a democracy. It is whether is it a democratic republic or absolute democracy, etc. The end result is the same.)

Government empowered by majority rule cannot last for the simple fact that the natural elite are not a part of the majority. Though, they often will bend their principles to pragmatism to gain entry into the majority for the sake of rule and thus lose their membership in the elite. Thus is the only way in a democracy.


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you are right the Republicans have no part in this disaster of an economy


You forgot McCain, Kyle, Palin, Jindal, Romney we could go on forever on nut jobs representing us


Bush took credit for evrything that went right in America but had no part of the things that did not go so well


Wow, man. Do you think you can join a thread someday without bringing in your democrat vs. republican drivel?

No kidding about republicans being a part of the problem. I don't know that anybody on these boards denies that. The point here is that more of the same policies that caused the problems aren't likely to fix them. The issue at hand here really boils down to Frank and Dodd, but there are plenty from both parties to blame. While I think Bush could have done much more to prevent this (he did call out some of these policies and warn against them, but in the end seemed to be content to ride it out as long as times were good), Frank has taken every opportunity he can get to blame Bush, I'd argue that Frank even blames Bush more than Obama does.


Term limits for congress whould sure help an awful lot. I mean really, why do they get to stay in power forever? 2 Terms and out, go back to the private sector and live with the decisions you made. Eventually there will be too many "former" Senators and Congressmen for them all to be part of the game. It may take a little while to settle down, but eventually there will be so many in power, the current group will be like, well, i'm probably not getting a job in politics after this so I might as well do whats right. I mean at the very least it would be an improvement over our current system.




Pittbull, I have not seen you post one thing that wasn't pure partisan bitching. You really can talk about an issue without playing politics you know. I hate Democrats and Republicans so I do it all the time. If you need lessons just let me know.



If I came to power with only a 2 year term limit I would just have to become more efficient at stealing from you.

As long as the majority can loot from the minority it will. Term limits only change how quickly and haphazardly I must do it.