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Barney Frank to Retire


Good riddance...


Ole hot bottom has done enough damage I guess


He is no worse than any Republican and maybe better than most :slight_smile:


Meh nice strawman I, as a citizen of this cocksuckers district, no quite a bit about his brothel out of his apartment, his boyfriend selling weed in his apartment, and everything else this cunt has done so yeah. See sadly brainwashed people liek you live in mt state and re-elect anything with a D next to their name, like you, so any real debate can not be had, like with you :wink:


I am not looking for debate , as far as selling weed or anything else good for him


Good for him? One of the guys writing the laws breaking them is good?


only if there is D next to their name, I see pitbull's posts and all I can see is "bleat baaa bleat baa baa bleat"


lol. Adult sheep generally sound more like a loud grotesque burp than anything else, by the way.


When I read your response DoubleD I then looked at your avatar and just started laughing.

Edit: In a good way agreeing with you.


another worthless politician gone to make more money in the private sector.

this guy cant even form a sentence without sounding like he has a mouthful of marbles.

How do these fucking guys get elected?


Bawney Fwank is quitting because he knows that disaster is nigh and that nothing can be done to sweep the problems under the rug anymore. No stimulus and no bailout will get us out of this one. There are no more promises to be made, just a terrible day of reckoning to confront and he's bailing like the creep that he is.


Make no mistake. Barney is a smart guy. Of course that hasn't prevented him from making a mockery of our constitution. In fact it probably helped quite a bit. I won't miss him in the house, but the stepford voters of the people's republic of Mass. will be certain to grace us with yet another in a parade of big government tyrants.


That guy seriously fucked up the mortgage industry. The reactionary legislation in the Dodd-Frank "financial overhaul" cost me my career. Fuck him. I hope he gets hit by a bus.


If you heard our Mayor talk, you would think Barney is a fucking genius.


Might an indictment be possible for this piece of shit?


Mass just legalized gambling he won't need to go to the private sector he'll get a golden kiss from 'lil Barack aka Devil Patrick Mass's devine governor.