BarnettA's Surge Challenge Training Log

New training log for Surge Challenge….

Surge Workout Fuel delivery due on 20th June but hope to start then.

Got started today with the thighs, lats, triceps, forearms training block.

Weight 66.3 kg; workout duration 40 minutes (this was a bit slow due to limited workout space and being unfamiliar with the routine).

I performed this exactly as described in the notes except that I substituted the barbell hack squat for the leg press because I didn’t have access to a leg press machine today.

Workout fuel arrived about 2 hours after I completed my workout so will use this during my next workout on Wednesday. Tremendous pump, especially in lats, chest and forearms. Key learning: be conservative in weight selection during stimulate and flutter phase. The stretch/static hold took more out of me than I thought.

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Workout 2 done yesterday (Wednesday; shoulders, lats, biceps, calves). This was performed exactly as described apart from the calf work because I don’t have access to a seated calf raise machine. Consequently, for the pump portion of the calf block I simply alternated 12 reps of one legged dumbell calf raise i.e. 3 sets of 12 reps with the the only rest being the time to do the other leg.

I found the biceps stimulate portion particularly challenging and had to reduce the weight of the dumbells to complete the zottman/hammer/regular dumbell curls. A good pump and lats, shoulders and biceps all sore this morning. An upper arm photo is attached - left hand side pre-workout, right hand side post-workout pump.

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Workout 3 (chest, biceps, triceps, legs) done yesterday (Friday). Just about getting the poundage right now but overestimated on the squats and struggled to make the final stretch/hold of the stimulate phase with only 135 Ibs. Weight as of Friday morning was 66.3 kg, so no change from start of programme (I weigh every Friday morning before breakfast) but muscles certainly look and feel fuller.

I don’t know if other people have struggled with the stretch at the beginning of the pullover in the lats block. I find that this can irritate my shoulders but have found that using a triceps bar instead of a dumbell remedies the problem. The change in grips seems to be a lot easier on my shoulders and is probably safer in that you are less likely to drop the weight if your hands are sweaty.

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