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Barnett vs TBD for Affliction Bout


This is a bit disappointing. I can’t believe this is the best they could find for Barnett.

I wonder why Karitonov isn’t fighting in this one? I guess we could still see him against Belfort?

Rogers has some name recognition because of the Kimbo ordeal. Affliction at this point needs as many ppv buys as they can manage. I feel like Barnett will roll over Rogers though and hopefully catapult himself into a matchup with Fedor. Man would I love to see that fight, today.

I wonder if they are talking with Werdum?

You’d have to think so. With their HW division, another guy like Werdum would solidify them as the absolute best there. Fabrico would offer some nice options over at Affliction, too. Werdum v. Arlovski, Werdum v. Barnett, Werdum v etc…

Looks like Barnett might be fighting Alex. At least according to Alex. Much better fight. Can’t wait if it’s true.