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Barnett vs Rogers


I could care less how long it takes Overeem to smash Werdum's face in, the fight I'm looking forward to is Rodgers v Barnett! Finally I get to see Barnett back in action! I've waited a long time for this, and I really don't see Rodgers having a prayer. Thoughts?


Barnett outboxing then finishing by ground and pound on the third round.


I've not seen a lot of barnett's boxing lately. Looking good in his last affliction fight, so hopefully it's better. I just don't think werdum has the standup, or the chin, to strike much.


I believe Rogers will win. Flooky looking KO rd. 1 Just a hunch?


Barnett looked pretty solid against Yvel.

Werdum looks pretty decent on MMA Kings training, but of course not at Alistair level.


Barnett by heel hook. Catch all day baby!