Barley1 - Surge Workout Training Log

Full body
-Bench Press 195lbs x 6, 205lbs x 6, 210lbs x 6
-Deadlift 135, 185, 205, 235lbs x 3; 265lbs x 1, 285lbs x 1 (a tad grindy)
-DB Row 86lbs x 6, 100lbs x 6, 10
-High bar, close stance squats ramp up to 185lbs x 4 (good for at least 10lbs more)

I did a circuit workout yesterday with 5x5 light front squats, chins, dips with little rest. I’m trying to get in the habit of doing conditioning.

I decided to do sets of six to distract from my waning pressing strength. Deadlifts were weird…lighter weights flew, but hit a wall at 285. I thought it best to just leave well enough alone.

High bar close-stance squats are much less taxing on my low back and leave my knees feeling years younger. Just got back from a walk and felt like a ballerina along the Midwestern sidewalks.

At the end of next week, I’ll switch to Waterbury’s 10x3 for fat loss.

Calories 2000
Weight 185lbs

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Full body
Incline bench press 165lbs x 6, 175lbs x 4, 185lbs x 5
Front squat 135lbs x 4, 165lbs x 4, 175lbs x 4, 180lbs x 5 (2, 1, 1, 1)
DB Pullover 60lbs, 80lbs, 86lbs x 4, 90lbs x 6

My weight loss seemed to stall the past few days–I’m actually up two pounds since Saturday. Also, my strength is all over the place. Lighter weights feel especially light, but even a few pounds makes weights feel much heavier than, say, three weeks ago. Some exercises are getting harder, others staying the same or getting easier.

I’m not particularly concerned yet about the stall in weight loss, but will reassess in a week or so.

Calories 1900
Weight 187lbs

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Full body
Bench Press 195lbs, 205lbs, 210lbs x 6
DL…Ramped up to single @ 285lbs
DB Row 90lbs x 6, 106lbs x 6, 106lbs x 9
High bar, close stance squats…ramped to 195lbs x 4…good for 205lbs

Thibs advocates this type of low volume work at a relatively high intensity when beginning a diet. It seems to work; strength seemed to drop earlier on, but has stabilized.

I’m down around 184lbs, which is fantastic. I move better; my knees feel better. I’m not too hungry and have room to drop calories even more. My only gripe is that this training is booooring.

Next week, I’ll rerun Waterbury’s 10x3 for fat loss for a month or so, then reassess. This is fairly consistent with Thibs’ recommendation to increase volume after the initial 3-4 week phase. And 10 x 3 is anything but boring.

Calories 1900
Weight 184lbs

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Waterbury 10 x 3 for Fat Loss (yesterday)
Close stance squats @75% 10x3
Incline Bench Press @75%10x3
Stiff-legged deadlift @75% 10x3
Chin ups @75% 10x3

Weights were really a best guess, as I have no idea what my 1RM is.
I used 175lbs for squats
160lbs for press
135 for SLDL
BW for chins

The program calls for planned increases in weight and reductions in rest, but I think I’ll bump the weights up next workout, regardless. Lifts were a tad too easy.

I like this style of lifting far more than the low reps with long rests. I’ll give it a few weeks then reassess for the final transformation push in May.

Calories 1900
Weight 185lbs

Weight loss is weird. I ate out with my family on Friday and had high sodium, but low calorie food. My weight shot up two lbs overnight. I should be back to baseline by Wednesday, then decide what, if any, adjustments to make.

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Waterbury 10x3 for Fat Loss
Deadlift 235 @ 10x3
DB Row 100 @ 10x3
DB Press 76s @ 10x3
Front Squat 155 @ 10x3

Weights felt right, more or less. I’ll bump them a few pounds for the next workout.

Again, this is a far more enjoyable way for me to train. I like turning my brain off, having short rests, and getting after it.

I’m violating the first rule of following a program by NOT following the program. Waterbury recommends two lifting workouts per week and two conditioning sessions per week. Weight progressions and rest reductions are preplanned. I’ll start with three lifting workouts and two gentler conditioning sessions, adjusting rest and weights as I see fit.

If I feel too beat up, or not recovered, I’ll switch things around.

Weight 186
Calories 1900ish

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