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Barilla Plus Pasta


I just bought a few boxes of Barilla Plus pasta.. its a whole wheat pasta with a nice nutrient profile. Anyone else tried this stuff?


tastes pretty damn good too!


I love Whole wheat pasta, the family hates it.

Sounds good I have to try it.


The wife and I eat it all the time. Love it. Only pasta I eat.


I've never tried the Barilla whole wheat kind, but I do eat other brands. I agree that whole wheat is the only way to go. I'll have to check out the nutrients in the Barilla. Thanks for the heads up!


Just made a tuna casserole with that pasta. Very good.


I don't particularly care for the taste of Barilla. The Hodgson Mill on the otherhand I find to taste great and the nutritional outline is pretty much the same.


I love it. It really doesn't taste much different from the starchy, white pastas. Even without any sauce, it tastes better if anything. It's nice to see these products hitting the markets.


Right on. 2 cans of tuna + 3 cups cooked whole wheat pasta = serious mass


I like Barila Plus or other whole wheat pastas, but lately since I am cutting I substitute spaghetti squash with meatballs. It looks and feels just like spaghetti and if you add tomato sauce to it and low-fat parmegan cheese on top it can even fool someone who doesn't know it's not pasta. And only about 45 calories for a cup! Very yummy!


Seems like good stuff. I'm going to try. Thanks guys.


Not to hijack, but does anyone have thoughts on the "tricolor" pasta. Apparently the green ones are spinach and the orange ones are carrot.

Is there real vegetable content in there?


Coming from an Italian, whole wheat pasta tastes 1000% better than the other stuff. If you're gonna eat pasta, eat that.


no idea, but interesting point; anyone else have any clue??


Whole wheat anything is better than refined flour, although regular pasta (non-whole wheat) is actually lower glycemic than white breads because of the complexity of the starch. However, remember that there is significant evidence that ALA (alpha linolenic acid which is the vegetal version omega 3) converts to the crucial EPA/DHA fatty acids at a pathetic 1-4%! So, you ideally shouldn't count any ALA (in walnuts, flax, greens, etc) toward your omega 3 totals for the day unless you are eating several pounds (uncooked) per day. They are better than none, but you have to get a marine source to ensure optimal health.

Just FYI,



Ive heard that before about the 1-4%, but do you have any links to studies showing it?

Btw, i so jealous of your name; I wanna be named after a piece of meat :frowning:


Whole Wheat pasta is considerbly more expensive than regular pasta. But its probably far healthier.

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