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Bargain Reverse Hyper?


After having my back explode for the millionth time, I decided to look into getting a reverse hyper. I am a 181 class lifter so the amount of weight I will be putting on it isn't as great as some. As such, I'm curious if I could get away with a cheaper model. I know rogue fitness makes one that's relatively low cost, and additionally I have found one by TDS/Newyorkbarbells

http://www.roguefitness.com/rogue-reverse-hyper.php (the rogue model)

http://newyorkbarbells.com/82651.html (nybb)

Curious if anyone has had any experience with either model, or has witnessed any other lower cost models, or if they feel that you need to go big on this piece of equipment.


The new york barbell one has an attachment that can turn it into a GHR, that could be awesome. Especially if space is a consideration.


I know rogue makes their reverse hypers to Louie Simmons specs. Not sure about the ny barbell. I know Texas strength systems makes a combo ghr/reverse hyper which is similar to the ny barbell. No personal experience with it but my gym has a TSS IPF style rack and it's top notch.


I already own a GHR, so it's not really much of a benefit. I'm really looking more for perspectives on the reverse hypers as reverse hypers, rather than anything else.

thehooliganmel, thanks for the tip on TSS.


That being the case if you're looking for a cheaper reverse hyper I'd go with the rogue. I'm guessing they're making the equipment for or are somehow affiliated with westside barbell (the rogue model is on wsb's site). I' be used two different older model wsb reverse hypers. They're great and all but I'm not sure I'd be willing to spend the money on the expensive model for home use


The difference I see the two is that the rogue allows you full range of motion where as NYBB stops you when you are perpendicular to the ground. A lack of ROM takes a lot of the benefits of the RH away. If I were to choose between the two, it would be the rogue easily.


I made one that fits onto my efs 2x2 rack. It sits right on the spot pins. It's made of 2x4's and black iron pipe. Sure it's not going to hold 4000# but I've had 4 45# plates on it which is enough for me. Best thing is it cost me $65 and about an hour of my time. Something like that may be an option. Here's a link to a home made version that looks cool as shit.



Yeah, I already have a ghetto rig one I've made, but was more curious about one actually designed as a reverse hyper. Part of the issue is that with me having no experience using an actual one, I can't really know if I've constructed it correctly.


I have used a real one at Brute Strength gym in Norfolk VA on many occasions. Aside from looking better, having a higher weight capacity and being just a little bit more comfortable mine works exactly the same. The key to building one or getting the proper stimulus from this deveice is that it must pull your legs way under the device to traction the back. This deep stretch is what you are going for. As someone else mentioned above that NY Barbells model stops when your legs are straight down so it's a piece of shit in my opinion and wouldn't even consider it regardless the price.
I'd say that if your home made version pulls you under it and allows you to swing the weight up high in the top position you are GTG. In my opinion you'd be better off using that money on something else. There are far better exercises to strengthen the back than a Rev Hyper. Remember Louis created it to help rehab his fucked up back. Unless you have blown out disks and stuff IDK that it's all that you know? What I'm trying to say is I don't think you'll get $800 worth of benifit from this thing. Even at Brute Strength Gym, relatively few people use this thing or at least that's what the gym mgr told me when I asked about buying one for home or a GHR.

Hope this helps.


Yeah, that's what I meant when my first post said "after my back exploded". I have a recurring back injury that I am trying to rehab.

On a side note, this always kinda frustrates me when I post equipment questions. I have a well equipped home gym, with a GHR, SSB, swiss bar, TPB, Texas Deadlift bar, boxes, bands, chains, etc etc. I have a lot of my back movements worked out, I was specifically interested in the reverse hyper, rather than just back exercises.

I appreciate the input on rigging up a home one, and to the guy pointing out the issue with the NYBB one. I'll most likely look toward the rogue when I buy.


Rogue one is nice and solid. Weight capacity is more than you will ever need, especially if you only intend to use it for rehab and preventative measures.

I read recently that brad gillingham (just youtube that big mother effer if you dont know him) uses a reverse hyper as well; however, he only uses like 25-50lbs for 15-20 reps before every workout to keep lots of blood in his shhhpine.

Look into that and double check,

but the rogue one is nice man.

Food for thought.


I'll second the opinion on the NYBB one that its design removes some of the tractioning benefits the reverse hyper supposedly provides.

I've had rogue equipment in the past and it is all top quality, but I've never tried this particularly piece.

The one thing I will add is that if you get the Rogue, ask if they have the strap attachment for it as well. I like it better than the footpad thingy which I never got used to


Thanks guys, appreciate the input. Definitely looks like I'll scrap the NYBB one.


I know this message is a few years late, but I’m curious what you ended up purchasing and if it was effective with your back issues.


I ended up getting the rogue model. Actually, before I got THAT, I ended up buying the Corevolution off of ebay just to see what all the fuss was about, and after a few months of that I bit the bullet and get a real one.

It works great, solid construction, and holds a good amount of weight. My back feels bulletproof these days. My only grip is that, if you load it up with 45lb plates, unless they are small in diameter, they will bang against your shins pretty decent. The Walmart Gold’s Gym 45s work well here. Also, once you get about 300lbs on it, it will move all over the place, so I have some dumbbells on the front feet to anchor it in place. Otherwise, I wish I had bought it years ago. Great product, well worth the cost.


Great to hear. If it worked for Louie Simmons, it’s gotta be able to fix Army wear and tear right?


[quote]SamsonNacho wrote:
Great to hear. If it worked for Louie Simmons, it’s gotta be able to fix Army wear and tear right?[/quote]

It’s a great lower back exercise. It’s one of the few ways I know to get a lower back pump without actually putting a load on the spine. I still get the occasional lower back flare up, but it is far less frequent than it used to be, and I feel invincible when I deadlift.


I have used the regular reverse hyper from Westside Barbell and just tried out the Rogue one a couple of weeks ago. The only difference that I could tell is the handles are not as far away. On the Westside model the handles were a little farther away. $600 versus $2000. I know which one I will be getting for my gym when it is time.


I’m several years late, but I’ve been thinking of buying the Rogue Z Hyper, or whatever it’s called. It looks like it comes with a strap attachment, but then they have some type of roller attachment as well that you can get.

What have you used - strap or roller? What are your thoughts on them? The roller is like $245…feel like that’s necessary at all?


Having used both the strap and the roller, I like the roller more, but not $250 more. Strap will work just fine.